Bridal Body Prep Plan: 1 Week to Go

How to eat, exercise, and relax during your last week before the big day!

You’ve worked hard to attain a toned body, glowing skin and lustrous hair — don’t let it all go to waste by drinking too much alcohol or eating foods that cause bloating! Stick to a fiber- and protein-rich diet; avoid starchy carbs and refined sugar. Drink lots of liquids, particularly green tea and water — and stay away from carbonated drinks, including diet sodas.

Additionally: Aim to keep your sodium intake under 800 milligrams a day — this will help eliminate bloating. And make sure that you are keeping up with your water intake (2 liters per day!).

ARfit Secret Tip: There is a science to how you should pair your food. Fruit is best in the morning on an empty stomach or at least three hours after your last meal was consumed. Otherwise, it can cause serious fermentation and bloating. Protein and non-starchy vegetables go well together, while starches and veggies mix. Avoid mixing protein and starch (i.e. meat and potatoes), unless you want to be a bloated mess on your wedding day!   

Take care of last-minute bridal beauty needs, like waxing, spray-tanning, and a relaxing face mask. Kaolin clay removes impurities and balances skin tone (just remember to do a patch test to make sure it won’t irritate your skin). Get your expert mani/pedi. Note: If you plan on getting a spray tan, do a wedding makeup trial once your tan is in place so that you know how it’s really going to look.

Exercise Plan:

Days to go: 7 

Days to go: 6

Days to go: 5

Days to go: 4

Killer Sculpted Arms

Ultimate Hip, Bum and Thighs Workout

Go dancing with your partner
Try Zumba or Cardio Pole Dancing!


Spring Into Your Hot Body Workout


45-minute cardio workout
of your choice

6-Minute Abs of Steel Workout

Days to go: 3

Days to go: 2

Days to go: 1

The Big Day

Super Calorie Burn Workout


Red Carpet-Ready Workout


Stress release!
Meditate, yoga, or talk a relaxing walk on the beach
Get lots of sleep! Chamomile tea and lavender scents will help send you into peaceful slumber.

Wake up with the 4-Minute Energizer Workout and take a short 20-25-minute brisk walk or jog to embrace the day and get the blood flowing.

You did it! Take it all in, and enjoy!