Kitchen Registry Basics

Everything you need to know about registering for cookware, appliances, gadgets and gizmos for a thoroughly efficient and enviably stylish kitchen.


Storage Containers

Storage items are convenient and essential—yet are often overlooked on a registry. These functional gadgets will help you keep your kitchen clutter-free and are delightfully easy to use. We picked out a few popular storage solutions you’ll definitely want to have around.

Behind-the-door organizer: Stores cleaning supplies, canned goods and spices.

Canisters: Hold sugar, flour, tea, coffee, pasta and grains in separate, sealed containers on the counter or in the cupboard.

Dry-food dispensers: Store loose, dry food, such as breakfast cereal or rice. Containers keep foods fresh, prevent bugs from breaking in and allow easy access.

Flatware tray: Stores and organizes your everyday utensils in a drawer—no more jumbled mess!

Non-skid cabinet organizer: Fits inside cabinets like mini stair steps so you can easily see jars and bottles stacked there.

Plastic containers: Store leftovers in the refrigerator or transport your lunch to work. The latest versions allow you to let in a small amount of air so certain foods can breathe without spoiling. Get an assortment in all shapes and sizes (shown above).

Plastic storage bin: Consolidates cleaning products under the sink or in a pantry. Keeps your shelves tidy and chemical-free.

Spice rack: Keeps spices alphabetized and at hand—just make sure you store them away from heat so that spices stay fresh. There’s even a model that rotates and dispenses exact measurements with the click of a dial.

Stackable baskets or bins: Made of plastic or wire, these fit under a counter and store heavy staples like potatoes and onions.

Stacking canisters: Fit neatly on top of one another in the pantry, cupboard or on the counter, and keep loose items, such as rice, pasta, cornmeal and beans, organized and airtight.

Stainless steel rack system: Mounts to wall and includes hooks for hanging all of your utensils; attachments include cookbook, paper towel and spice holders.

Three-tier hanging baskets: Keep fruits and vegetables that need to ripen within reach without taking up precious counter or table space.

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