Kitchen Gadgets

With these cool hand-held gadgets, grating, slicing, dicing and chopping are not only easy but fun!

Sleek and simple to use: Whether you’re sifting flour, experimenting with an exotic cuisine or just whisking up salad dressing, you won’t want to do without these great new kitchen helpers. Bon appétit!

hand-held kitchen gadgets for your wedding gift registry

  1. Silicone paddle whisk is designed to let you scrape and fold at the same time, by Cuisipro.
  2. Green silicone spatula by Zyliss.
  3. This silicone basting brush’s ball-head bristles make for smooth application, by William Bounds.
  4. Ball whisk for mixing salad dressings by WMF Atelier.
  5. Orange measuring cup and dual-purpose knife and shears, by KitchenAid for Lifetime Brands.
  6. Silicone cookie spatula by William Bounds.
  7. Blue silicone high-heat oven mitt by SiliconeZone.
  8. Green 5-way bottle opener by Zyliss.

Gold flat enamel wall paint by BEHR. Pegboard from Lowe’s.

Guess what?

These stumped us. See if you can figure out what each of these gadgets does. (No peeking at the answers below.)

guess what these kitchen gadgets are

A. Fruit Scoops by Progressive make it easy to separate ripe fruit from its skin. Red is for carving pumpkins; yellow is for melons; green is for kiwi or zucchini. B. Kiwee knife from Chef ’n has a serrated cutting edge for getting through fuzzy fruit skins, plus a contoured scoop edge for digging the fruit out. C. The Ice Cream Scoop & Stack by Cuisipro makes compact, cylinder-shaped scoops of ice cream to use in ice cream sandwiches. D. The Karim Rashid-designed cordless vacuum by Dirt Devil picks up crumbs and dust quickly.

Photography: Alexandra Grablewski.