Noritake Celebrates 20 Years of The Colorwave Collection

Take a closer look at one of the most popular collections from top dinnerware brand Noritake. 

Since its launch in 1998, Noritake China has introduced 25 colors to its Colorwave collection, 16 of which remain in production today. One of the original colors, blue, is still one of the most popular in the collection.

noritake colorwave

In addition to the four place setting shapes—coupe, rim, square, and new this year, curve—the Colorwave collection offers 50 items for each color. While these accessories pair perfectly with the place settings, they also stand strongly on their own.

Using just dinner and salad plates, more than 3,000 options can be created! Add in accessories, and the endless opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

noritake colorwave

See the entire rainbow of Colorwave at

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