How to Get Your Groom Involved in the Planning!

Wedding planning isn't just for brides. Grooms can help, too. Here, easy ways to get your guy involved.

Photo Credit: Hoffer Photography

Here are some ways that men have pitched in with wedding planning:

My husband helped me with the seating arrangements for the reception—this was a good task for him because he could visualize them,and I couldn’t.” —Suzan Kerner. 

“Since we combined Jewish and Greek customs, my husband was in charge of finding the stefania (traditional Greek crowns) that were placed on our heads during the ceremony. He was also involved in choosing the band and making sure they could find a bouzouki (a Greekstringed instrument player), so we could have Greek music and dancing.”—Marci Goldstein. 

“My husband did one thing—kept my mother-in-law out of our plans!” —Jill Rosenthal. 

“The most gratifying part of the wedding planning for me was when I got our photographer to agree to throw in digital photos for free.” —Rob Coviello.

“For our upcoming wedding, I got my fiancé involved in the food. I also schedule time to discuss the wedding. This way, I resist the urge to harass him with wedding issues, and I have his full attention when we do sit down to talk.” —Tamar Ben-Moshe.