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Fall in Love

There’s something so warm and cozy about fall, which makes it a perfect time of year for your wedding. Antonia Christianson of Antonia Christianson Events in Virginia and California has the scoop on planning a perfect autumn fête.

fall wedding inspiration
Photo Credit: David Schwartz

When Antonia was approached by a fall-loving bride, she knew she had to start with color: everything from orange and brown to deep green and the occasional deep purple. “I love how we mimicked the browns and oranges you would see out- side,” Antonia says. Another palette she loves for fall is an unexpected pairing of gold and olive. With color so in focus, Antonia knew she needed a venue that wouldn’t compete. She chose the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia. “It has a very neutral palette. It’s all marble and limestone, which is super easy to play off.”

Next up came décor. Antonia wanted to play to the season with an emphasis on natural elements, such rustic farm tables and twigs to hold signs. Everyone commented on the riot of flowers — some so plush and luxurious you couldn’t see the vase through the profusion of blooms. Peeking out between lilies and roses were artichokes and grapes that captured the abundance of the season.

The food was a focal point at this wedding, with a menu that included pumpkin soup bowls, rockfish cakes on cheddar grits, and the bride’s signature biscuits. The dessert table was laden with apple, pecan, and sweet potato pies, but the centerpiece was an ivory cake shaped like a stack of pumpkins. For fall weddings, Antonia loves the idea of an over-the-top feast. “It feels like going to your family’s house for Thanksgiving.”

Keeping family traditions front of mind is one of Antonia’s favorite tips for fall brides — whether it’s baking up family recipes or just offering family-style dining. As for her last piece of advice for planning the ultimate autumn soiree: Don’t forget Mother Nature! “Remember that depending on where you are, it can be chilly. Make sure you have pashminas.”

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