Planning Tips for Summer Weddings

Beat the heat with our expert tips from celebrity wedding planners JoAnn Gregoli and Mindy Weiss.


Simply put, Gregoli says that “an all white summer wedding is stunning.” The crisp, clean vibe translates well to high heat and long days. But don’t think that gardenias (or roses, or tulips) are your best bet for blooms—you must steer away from delicate flowers, for they will not hold up in the heat. Instead, try heartier blossoms like calla lilies, regular lilies and a variety of orchids.  

Another great way to celebrate the summer season at your wedding is to use in-season fruits and vegetables as a part of your actual décor. Try tossing some clementines or cumquats into your flower arrangements, or for a budget-friendly option, fill a vase with bright yellow lemons and vibrant green apples—it’s clean, classic and works well with the heat.
Weiss loves the color combo of yellow, orange and green—an incredibly vibrant trio of colors “that take on a different hue as the sun goes down but still make a statement throughout the evening.”
But don’t forget to take the heat—and thus your guests’ comfort—into account. Going to be standing outside for a while? Gregoli recommends providing at least your bridal party, if not all guests, with super-chic parasols (that you can even monogram). Leave wicker or paper fans on ceremony chairs to ensure that everyone keeps their cool.

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