How to Preserve Your Top Wedding Cake Tier

Wondering how to keep the top tier of your wedding cake in tact for a whole year? Check out these simple tips.

If you want to preserve the top wedding cake tier out of tradition then there are a few tips that can help you do it successfully. Many people like to do this out of tradition so on their first wedding anniversary they can celebrate with their wedding cake. However any cake that is in the freezer for a straight year is bound to be a bit stale. Different cakes flavors and or fillings can be worse then others. For instance, the more delicate the cake ingredients the the dryer the cake will tend to become in the freezer.

Cakes that do well in the freezer: chocolate, hazelnut, almond, and carrot cake.

Cakes that do not do so well in the freezer: white cake, cake with fresh fruit, and cakes with whipped cream fillings.

Here are some useful tips on storing the top tier:


STEP 1Make sure you let the cater and their staff know you intend on
saving the top tier.
STEP 2Set someone in charge of taking the cake home with them since
you may be heading straight out onto your honeymoon. You also
want to give them the following tips to ensure they store it properly.
STEP 3Remove any sugar flowers or other sugar decorations that may
be on the cake, and set them aside.
STEP 4Place the cake in the refrigerator to allow it to chill. This helps to
make sure the icing hardens so it does not stick to the plastic wrap.
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STEP 5Once hardened, wrap the cake in several layers of plastic wrap,
several layers! Do not use foil as this causes freezer burn for sure
to your cake!
STEP 6Now seal the cake in an air-tight bag or container, and place it in
the freezer.
STEP 7Be sure to make it so that it does not get mistaken for anything
else in the freezer.
STEP 8If you do not want to freeze the cake, here's an alternative to consider:
You can reorder a similar cake on your anniversary, only smaller for
the two of you to enjoy and remember your wedding day.