25 Ways to Wow Your Guests

Show them a really good time with these brilliant reception ideas for food, drinks and just plain fun.

21. Appeal to the inner child in everyone by setting up a bar with candy, cookies or other tiny treats. Display the sweets in bowls or jars with scoops. Provide cute bags, and monogrammed stickers to seal them up. Presto! Every guest has a sweet take-home gift.

22. Burn CDs of the songs you'll be playing at your wedding. Ask the parking valets to put the discs in guests' car stereos, and to leave a note from the two of you on the front seat. On the way home, guests can replay all the fantastic musical memories of the day.

23. End the reception with a bang: Stage a glorious outdoor fireworks show — and have them in your wedding colors, of course. "Nothing could be more fabulous," enthuses Kemble.

wedding fireworks
Photo Credit: Simone and Martin Photography on Inspired By This via Lover.ly

24. Throw an after-party at a nearby club or someone's home. Have the DJ make an announcement at the end of your reception, or simply spread the word through a few chatty friends. Provide munchies and beverages, and be sure that everyone has a safe ride home.

25. Set up a casino-themed after-party, complete with gaming tables and card dealers, says Williams. Looking for other after-party themes? Pellegrini suggests setting up a disco, blues club or piano bar to keep things hopping. With fab ideas like these, your party will be unforgettable.

casino grooms cake
Photo courtesy of Palermo Bakery