25 Ways to Wow Your Guests

Show them a really good time with these brilliant reception ideas for food, drinks and just plain fun.

6. Instead of a traditional guest book, ask everyone to sign the matte around a photo of the two of you. Or they could write on a surfboard, baseballs, white cowboy boots — whatever suits you and your groom.

7. Hire a magician to puzzle and delight the crowd, a tarot card reader to do readings or a palm reader to tell fortunes. "Guests will talk about the experience for hours afterward," says Maxine Andrew, of Instead of You Events, in San Francisco.

8. Keep your youngest guests smiling, too, urges Amy Nichols, of Amy Nichols Special Events, in San Francisco. In a separate area, have a puppeteer perform — or arrange to show a kids' movie. Hire a responsible teen to keep watch.

kids at wedding
Photo Credit: Alana Aston Photography on Polka Dot Bride via Lover.ly

9. Include local delicacies on your wedding menu, like tasty crabs if you're in Maryland or spicy chicken wings in Buffalo, New York, says Nichols.

10. Hire a cigar roller to hand-roll a custom blend of tobacco just for your guests. (Great for outdoor weddings — and the guys will love the masculine touch!)

wedding cigar bar
Photo Credit: Abby Jiu on Snippet and Ink via Lover.ly

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