10 Dream Wedding Themes

In love with the Wild West, the beach or a special season of the year? These clever ideas will inspire you to personalize your party with flair.

Green Party

Location: Have your wedding outdoors, and enjoy Mother Nature's stunning backdrop of trees, grass and flowers.
Stationery: Print your invitations (and programs) on recycled paper.
Décor: Grassy green and crisp white work perfectly for table linens. Choose locally grown blooms or grow your own, or order organic blooms through websites like organicbouquet.com. For centerpieces, potted plants are more environmentally friendly than cut flowers because they can be replanted. Use soy candles, which burn cleaner than other types.
Menu: Select food that is grown or raised locally; shop greenmarkets for organic fruits and vegetables. Visit theorganicpages.com for a list of caterers nationwide who specialize in organic and vegetarian cuisine; some of these vendors also do wedding cakes.
For dessert: Serve an organic wedding cake topped with organic fondant, green cymbidium orchids and evergreen leaves or other fresh flowers and greens.
Send-off: Replace rice or confetti with organic, bird-friendly millet!
Favor: Make a donation to your favorite environmental charity in your guests' names. The I Do Foundation offers a simple way to donate to your charity of choice. You can choose an organization from their list or suggest your own. Place cards are also available for purchase to let your guests know about the special gift.

A Rustic Vineyard Celebration

Décor: "The beauty of a vineyard wedding is that you can use elements from the outdoors," says Tutera. "Consider grapevines (run them down the center of rectangular tables) and grapes, which can be loosely bundled and used to decorate your tables." Linens and other accents in deep wine tones, green and burnished gold make a tasteful statement.
Menu: A first course of stuffed calimyrna figs, a second of pan-seared scallops and for the entrée, a succulent rack of lamb, all with the correct wine pairings.
Special touches: Wine bottle corks make perfect holders for escort cards. (Make a slit in the cork and insert a card with each guest's name and table assignment.) Instead of numbering your tables, name each after a type of wine or a specific vineyard: As guests are seated, they are served wine from "their" winery. Instead of a traditional sign-in book, have your guests sign a magnum bottle of your favorite vintage.
Favor: Mini bottles of wine, of course. Personalize them with wine labels bearing your photos or your names and wedding date. (Check out myownlabels.com.)