Quick Solutions for the Most Common Wedding-Day Mishaps

With a bit of advance preparation and some savvy on-the-spot solutions, you'll be prepared for any mishap that comes your way.

The Oops: You or a sloppy guest spills red wine on your gown.

The Fix: In a pinch, stain-removal wipes will work wonders on most dresses, says Mindy Weiss, a California-based event planner who has coordinated weddings for celebrity brides like Trista Rehn, Jessica Simpson and Gwen Stefani. "If you address the problem quickly, you'll have a better chance of getting the spot out completely," advises John Mahdessian, President of Madame Paulette, a fabric-care specialist in New York City. He recommends the Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit (purchase it for $6 at madamepaulette.com), and swears it will remove any stain — from oil-based foundation makeup to red wine to tomato sauce — on any fabric within minutes.

wine glasses
Photo Credit: Sarah Ainsworth on Bourbon & Bloom Vintage Rentals via Lover.ly

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