10 New Twists on Old Wedding Traditions

Looking for something new? Here, some fresh takes on tried-and-true wedding-day customs.


Weddings are all about traditions, and it's wonderful to find yourselves doing something that millions of couples before you have done. But don't be afraid to tweak a tradition to make it more truly yours. Steal some of these ideas.

Instead of the cake cutting...
Today, a traditional, towering confection is a wedding mainstay, but more couples are serving smaller cakes as part of a display — or even using them as centerpieces.

wedding cake centerpiece
Photo Credit: Lola Rose Photography

Couples who don't like cake are nixing it completely. "You shouldn't have to serve something that you don't really enjoy," says Andonoplas. Go ahead and serve sundaes, cheesecake, pie or whatever sweets you adore. Andonoplas recommends an "ice-cream scooping" or "pie slicing" instead! "It can be just as romantic as a traditional cake-cutting," he says.


Photo Credit: Love Bird on Bridal Musings via Lover.ly

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