Tipping Tips

Sorry, but the expenditures aren't over yet. Here's who it's appropriate to tip, and how much.

"Thanking your wedding vendors and service people with some extra money is a gracious thing to do," says Jung Lee, a partner at Fête, a wedding planning firm in New York City.

How to do it? Slip cash or personal checks into envelopes and hand them out at the end of the night.

Do Tip


  • Your officiant: $25 to $100, depending on how many guests you have.
  • Ceremony assistants (altar boys, organist): $5 to $25 each (but first ask a clergy member whether tips are covered by the church fee).
  • The caterer (only if gratuities are not already covered in the contract): 15 to 22% of the total food/beverage cost (this will later be split among the wait and kitchen staff).
  • The chef: $1 to $2 per guest.
  • Divide an additional 5% of the total food and beverage cost among the banquet manager, maitre d', coat checker and bathroom attendants.
  • Hair and makeup artists: 15 to 20% of their fees.
  • The limousine drivers: 18 to 20% (unless it's included in the contract).

Don't Tip

  • The florist; the baker; the photographer

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