DIY Seashell Boutonniere

This captures a fresh, by-the-sea vibe without venturing too far into tropical territory. See more DIY ideas!

diy seashell boutonniere
Photo Credit: Jack Deutsch, © 2012 The Stonesong Press, LLC.

Crafty Commitment

10 to 15 minutes. While this is a quick and easy project, it must be done on the day of the wedding. Enlist the help of a trusted pal to help carry out the assembly tasks.


• Hot glue gun and glue
• Green floral wire
• Wire cutters
• 1 medium seashell, about 21⁄2 in. tall
• 1 bunch Snow on the Mountain greenery
• 1 stem of tuberose
• Floral tape
• Floral shears
• White ribbon
• Scissors
• Boutonniere pins


1. Kick off this easy-to-assemble craft by creating a stem for your seashell. Plug in and heat up your glue gun. Cut about a 6-in. piece of wire from the spool. When the glue is ready, turn the shell over to expose its open side. Place a generous pool of glue inside the opening, near the bottom of the shell, and firmly press one end of the wire into it. Hold the wire in place for a few seconds, until the glue starts to cool and can support the wire on its own.

2. Next, bring together a sprig from the bunch of Snow on the Mountain and a stem of tuberose. Remove any excess leaves to scale the boutonniere to the wearer; you want to create a nice, compact arrangement.

3. While still holding your flowers and foliage, add in the wired shell. Use floral tape to secure all of the pieces in place, and wrap floral tape down the stems in a spiral to secure them together, wrapping until about ¾ in. is covered.

4. Trim away the excess stem and wire. Continue to wrap floral tape around the bunch, about 3 in. down, then wrap the tape back up toward the flower head.

5. To finish the boutonniere, trim the wired and wrapped stem so the total length is about 1½ in. Wrap a length of ribbon around the stem, securing it in place with boutonniere pins. 

Tips & Hints

► Ordering flowers through your local florist can often be less expensive than ordering from online flower providers, but not always. Ask your florist for pricing before you order, and be sure to find out if shipping is included.
► To perk things up a bit, use a contrasting ribbon color, such as coral. It looks fab against the green and white foliage and highlights the beautiful shell colors.
► This is a project that’s best done the day of the wedding, so plan to hand this off to a trusted helper, with complete instructions. Modern-themed wedding couples can take advantage of this lovely project by using dried seedpods or something quirky like bright clusters of buttons in lieu of seashells.

Price Breakdown

Your Cost: $33.50 for 4 to 6 boutonnieres
• Hot glue, $4
• Floral wire, $2
• Seashells, $4
• Snow on the Mountain, $11
• Tuberose, $6.50
• Floral tape, $3
• Ribbon, $1
• Pins, $2

Store Cost: Depending on the bloom, florists can charge upward of $20 for a single boutonniere.

the diy bride


Adapted from The DIY Bride—An Affair to Remember, Khris Cochran (The Taunton Press, 2012)