20 Cheap Date Ideas

Saving money for the wedding? That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice date-night with your husband-to-be. Try one of these fun date ideas that won't break the bank!

High School Musical

Love the theater but can’t spring for $100-a-seat Broadway tickets right now? Check the schedule for a nearby high school or local theater group. You may be amazed by the unknown talent! 

Photo Credit: Richard Termine

the melting pot cookbook carmine's cookbook
Steal Your Favorite Restaurant's Secret Recipe

Instead of visiting your favorite expensive restaurant, check if the locale publishes a cookbook. Restaurants from The Melting Pot to Morton’s Steakhouse to Carmine’s sell cookbooks to help you make restaurant-quality dishes at home.

Star Gaze

Head to the highest point in your town, snuggle up with some blankets, and check out the stars together. Or, visit a local observatory where you can use a telescope. Take it a step further by naming a star for your sweetie before your date, and then search for it together.

Photo Credit: Sweet Little Photographs

Movie Night on Demand

More and more cable companies offer free movies on demand. Take advantage of it and have a movie marathon! No, you won’t be catching new releases for free, but there are always some hidden gems in the free movies list. No luck (or no cable)? Head to your local Redbox for a cheap rental.

Photo Credit: David Kressler

Go Sightseeing at Home

Even if you’ve lived in the same town for years, chances are, you haven’t explored all of the historical landmarks. Play tourist in your own backyard by finally taking a walking tour of historic downtown, visiting a local museum, or heading to the famous landmarks you usually avoid like the plague.

Photo Credit: Esther Julee Photography