Top 75 Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding

Those in the know-your wedding pros, that is-give their professional cost-cutting tips.

Maximize Your Photo Budget

Though you shouldn’t trust your wedding photography to just anyone, ask friends if they know of a pro who does weddings part time, says Donald E. Martelli of DEM photography in Revere, Massachusetts. If a photographer has other sources of income, he can usually afford to charge less.

With digital photography, a pro’s out-of-pocket expenses may be relatively little compared to the prices of his packages. Always negotiate.

Cut down on the time your photographer stays at the reception, says Jody Zorn of Zorn Photography in Denver. “Schedule toasts, the cake cutting and bouquet toss for soon after dinner, so the photographer can capture those moments and leave.”

“If a photographer whose work you love is out of your budget, ask if you can wait till after the wedding to order proofs and albums,” suggests Zorn. “Save up, or use some of your gift money later.”

“Getting a print made of every image is expensive,” says Zorn. “Ask your photographer if instead of getting hundreds of images in proof, you can select maybe two hundred.”

See if your photographer puts images online. You may find that you don’t need printed proofs at all.

Hire an associate photographer. “Many pros have photographers working under them who they feel comfortable contracting out for a discounted rate,” explains Zorn.

See if a professional videographer will edit amateur footage. Jon Gangwer of Well Spun Wedding Films in Philadelphia says he will polish a guest’s footage for a fraction of what it would cost for him to shoot the wedding himself.

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