15 Things to Customize for a Truly Personalized Wedding

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First, figure out what’s most important to you as a couple. "The first step to personalizing your wedding is to get on the same page about the elements that mean most to you as a couple. To some food may be a priority, while to others it may be décor or the overall uniqueness of the guest experience. Once you've identified your top two or three important elements, opt to reflect your personalities and preferences however you choose. This might mean serving your favorite snack as a late-night menu item or featuring your fur baby as inspiration for a signature drink or piece of décor. Just remember — personalizing your wedding doesn't necessarily mean doing something that has never been done before (though that works, too!); it really just means that what you choose to incorporate embodies you as a couple." —Alexandra Denniston, Owner & Lead Planner, Eventlightenment Planning

Start with what you and your partner have in common. "Personal touches to weddings are one of my favorite details because it shows their personalities! Start with what you both have in common, whether it's a sport, love of your pet, maybe even how you both met. Then from there, you can start to think about how you want to create a personalized wedding. It could be with napkins that have 'fun facts' or a photo of your beloved pet, a seating chart with your favorite drink incorporated, or even welcome bags for guests that include "favorite" foods from each of you. Don't overthink it, have fun with being creative!" —Casey Stamouli, Owner & Lead Planner, Casey & Co. Events

Personalize your menu. "In terms of personalization, I like to start with the menu — food and drink play such a vital role in telling a couple's story. Begin by drafting your dream menu wishlist. You and your spouse should begin by writing down all of your favorite foods (foods you loved as kids, favorite family recipes, dishes from your favorite restaurants) and ask your caterer to work with you to refine this personal wish list into a cohesive menu for the day that tells your personal story through food. Pro tip: many professional caterers will replicate beloved family recipes. If your grandmom makes the best fudge in the world, pass the recipe along to your caterer and ask them to recreate it. Chances are that they will be more than happy to do so." —Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

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Upgrade your fashion. "You should feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day! Choose fabrics that are comfortable but flattering to ensure you look and feel great. Add a custom touch with nods to your personality, like accessories that incorporate your favorite color or include an engraving or etching of a special quote, date, or even your initials. All eyes are on you on the wedding day, so your attire is the perfect place to begin adding personalized details." —Jason Jackson, President, Generation Tux

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Customize your music. "Music is what brings your wedding to life. It sets the mood in the ceremony, inspires sentimental tears during the first dances, and brings the party to the reception. Customizing your music — not just your playlist, but having your own song written just for you — is the ultimate way to make your wedding truly unique and unforgettable. Whether you use it in the ceremony, toasts, or reception, having your own love song creates an unforgettable, transcendent experience of joy and connection at your wedding and beyond. After the big day, your custom wedding song becomes an heirloom treasure you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. Years from now, when you listen to your song, dance to it on your anniversary, or play it for your children (or even grandchildren!), hearing it will always transport you back to that perfect day you promised forever to the love of your life." —Rebekah Powell, Founder, Heartsongs Music

Utilize custom wedding crests. "I love using couples' custom wedding crests, monograms or other elements from their invitation suite to create beautiful, bespoke embroidered pieces that they will have and use well beyond their wedding day.” —Colleen, The Handkerchief Shop

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    Personalize your getting ready outfit. "Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable of your life and marking the occasion with your very own personalized bridal getting ready PJ set will ensure the day is one you won't forget. Whether you're changing your last name or celebrating the one you’ve always had, adding your initials and extra special date to your set will make your getting ready photos unique to you." —Kristy Breed & Helen Semovski, Director & Designer, Le Rose Stories

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    Have a friend or family member as your officiant. "What could be more personal than having a close friend or family member officiate your ceremony — and who knows you better than your friends and family? Asking a close family member or friend (or a combination of individuals) to preside over your ceremony is the perfect opportunity to personalize the most important aspect of your wedding day — your ceremony! A close friend will have beautiful stories to share and wonderful insight to weave into your ceremony that a hired professional won't have. I find these types of ceremonies to be the most personal and meaningful." —Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

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    Photo: Lauren Fair Photography via Hummingbird Events & Design

    Put yourself in your guests’ shoes! "Think about a time when you were a guest and how much it meant to you to see your name included on something — 'They did this all for me?' Whether it's your name on a welcome bag/gift (bonus points if you take that guest's dietary restrictions/allergies), a glass of champagne with your name + table number included, custom place cards to greet you as you sit for dinner, or a parting gift tagged just for you, when items are personalized to the guest's experience, the entire event will resonate more deeply with them. I love when my clients care deeply for the people in the room with them — truly, a guest shouldn't even be invited if you're not ready or willing to welcome them into the fold so warmly." —Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

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    You can’t go wrong with cocktail moments. "We love adding personal elements! Specialty cocktails are always a winner, combined with customized cocktail napkins with fun facts about the couple are sure to be a hit for your guests!” - Erica Trombetti, Infinite Events

    When in doubt, turn to your signage and stationery. "We always encourage customizations in the wedding signage and paper goods — it is the most direct way to put each couple's unique thumbprint on their wedding day. If budget allows, connect with a signage vendor early in order to get the ball rolling about all the ways a monogram or a theme can be carried through your wedding day signage." —Danielle + Hannah, Joyfully Gathered

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    Include your pets. "I encourage my couples to include as many friends and family members in their ceremony as they can and this includes the family pup! Including your beloved fur baby in the day is meaningful (and fun!) and having your favorite pup along can help calm pre-ceremony jitters." —Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

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    Create personalized items that double as favors. "A personalized escort card that doubles as a favor (like a wooden coaster) is a great way to have your guests remembering your wedding for years to come! Not only will your guests have something that is personalized to them but including a small personalization of your own like your wedding monogram, date or wedding location will act as a small reminder of where the gift came from." —Haydon Dillon, Haydon Dillon Events

    The smaller the details, the bigger the impact. "Customization in any element of the wedding day can truly take your special event from 'just another summer wedding' to the event of the year! When it comes to where to splurge, we believe that the smaller the details the bigger the impact. For example, upgrading cocktail napkins to include printed monograms, pet portraits, or quotes from the couple is a great option — simple day-of items can transform into a show stopping conversation piece. Add in some branded cocktail stirrers menu cards, or even ice cube decals and your event will wow your guests around every turn." —Ari Busch, Operations Manager and Lead Planner at Bridal Bliss

    Remember: balance is key. "The sky's the limit when personalizing details for your wedding day! However, balance is key here. Choose wisely where you'd like to include personalization because it can definitely go overboard quickly if there is too much personalization displayed. Less is more here and creates the most elegant wedding. If you will have a photobooth or photo opportunity for guests, this is a great place to personalize either with a wedding logo or monogram that appears on the prints or a decorative or neon sign on the backdrop. The dance floor is another fun item to personalize and with all of the amazing dance floor wrap companies out there now, this can be done easily to match the décor and style of the wedding and include your names, nickname or new last name. A welcome sign is always a nice touch, introducing guests to the celebration with your names on a beautiful sign adorned with floral and candles and for an extra touch, you can include text on the back that can direct guests to late night shuttles and timing details if you'd like to turn the sign around during the reception. If you'd like your bar to be a focal point, you may consider specialty drinks named after both of you and create personalized signs for display at the bar as well as personalized matchbooks or boxes for guests to take. Be sure all fonts and styles match wherever you choose to add personalization. —Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design

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