18 Creative Chuppahs from Real Weddings

In honor of the traditions of Jewish weddings, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite traditional structures from real weddings.  

1. White Light

White blooms border the lines of this classic chuppah.


Photo Credit: Harriette Rose Katz

2. Sunset Views

Take a cue from the setting sun, by adding vibrant colors to a minimalist structure. 

Palace Resorts Sultry Sunset

Photo: Palace Resorts 

3. Castle-Esque

This regal scene gives a beautiful update to the traditional four-legged ceremonial shape. 

Fred Marcus Studio

Photo: Fred Marcus Studio

4. Beach-Scene

Light florals adorn a breezy structure, perfect for ocean-front nuptials.

Paradise Photography

Photo: Paradise Photography

5. Wrapped in Vine

An ordinary chuppah gets a rustic upgrade with vines.

Wrapped in Vine

 Photo: Samantha Ong Photo

6. Pretty in Pink

For a vineyard-type of wedding, opt for pink and purple flowers.

Julia Franzosa Photography

Photo: Julia Franzosa Photography

7. Indoor Vines

Simple greenery is minimal, yet hits just the right amount of beauty for an elegant chuppah.

Rob McCormick

Photo: Rob McCormick

8. Let There Be Light

Want to ensure that guests can see every aspect of the ceremony,? Opt for a chuppah with a chandelier – perfect for indoor festivities.

Alan Turkus

Photo: Alan Turkus

9. Entwined Canopy

For some extra oomf, add cascading white flowers to a woodsy-inspired structure. 

Brett Matthews Photography

Photo: Brett Matthews Photography

10. Bare Bones

For an ethereal look, choose painted wood and branches to create a gorgeous, washed wood effect.

Dan and Melissa Photography

Photo: Dan and Melissa Photography

11. Rose Petals

Have a garden party with your guests under this natural creation.

Gertrude & Mabel Photography

Photo: Gertrude & Mabel Photography

12. Tulle of the Town

Wrap your chuppah in green tulle to mirror the outdoors, and adorn with gorgeous blooms.

Sherman Chu Photography

Photo: Sherman Chu Photography

13. Wood Work

Bring the outdoors inside with a foresty, raw bark-infused chuppah made from tree trunks.

Andres Valenzuela

Photo Credit: Andres Valenzuela

14. Chill Out Chic

Equal parts art and Jewish tradition, all eyes will be on this avant-garde creation. 

Paradisus by Melia

Photo: Paradisus by Melia

15. Scattered Flowers

Brighten up an indoor chuppah with luminous flowers popping in and out of woven, thin branches.

Casey Fatchett Photography

Photo Credit: Casey Fatchett Photography

16. Washed Wood

Potted plants at the base of each of the four posts adds a gorgeously green touch.

Abby Rose Photo

Photo Credit: Abby Rose Photo

17. Flower Covered

Dripping in flowers is one way to ensure all-eyes will remain on the exchanging of vows, and traditional aspects of the wedding.

Kelly Sweet Photography Chuppah

Photo: Kelly Sweet Photography

18. Beach Breeze

Keep things simple and let your chuppah emulate the ocean breeze with lightweight, billowing fabric. 


Photo: Barcelo Resorts

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