50 Rustic Wedding Decorations

If you have a soft spot for a natural look with earthy undertones, then a rustic wedding just may be your style. The best part about this wedding theme is its surprising versatility — from the countryside charm of farmhouses and bucolic delights of a barn to the chic feel of a vineyard and wilds of the woods, rustic can embody different vibes while still maintaining its overarching rural allure. These décor ideas will help you nail the look.

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • Barrels


    You can never go wrong with the classic rustic element that is an old wine barrel — they’re a perfect accent piece in any spot of the wedding. Top them off with a bounty of bright blooms and succulents for a dash of color.

    Photo Credit: Gavin Farrington

  • Bar


    A worn hutch makes for a beautiful bar, mirroring the ruggedness of the hills behind. An arch of eucalyptus and basket of baguettes round out the Italian countryside vibes.

    Photo Credit: Megan Welker

  • Aisle Markers

    Aisle Markers

    Mercury jars sprouting fresh ferns and flowers in shades of marsala add a rustic glam touch.

    Photo Credit: Clean Plate Pictures

  • Cocktail Tables

    Cocktail Tables

    Oversized wine spools for cocktail hour are an easy way to carry out your wedding’s theme. Even better — they don’t require the cost of tablecloths. Leave them bare to emphasize the style, topping them with a lantern for a simple centerpiece.

  • Cocktail Table Centerpiece

    Cocktail Table Centerpiece

    Skip the vases and bring out the wooden planters for natural vibes — they make vivid blooms and succulents pop even more than they already do.

  • Chandelier


    “Floating” candles adorn an oversized wreath of brambles and twigs, juxtaposing magical elegance with nature.

    Photo Credit: Sarah Kate

  • Ceremony Setting

    Ceremony Setting

    Makeshift pews out of wooden planks and tree stumps mimic the towering tree that serves as an altar, bringing this earthy ceremony setting full circle.

    Photo Credit: Marina Koslow

  • Ceremony Seating

    Ceremony Seating

    Alternating ceremony seats of wooden pews and cross-backed wooden chairs pairs a rustic look with industrial vibes.

    Photo Credit: Sposto Photography

  • Ceremony Backdrop

    Ceremony Backdrop

    Tarnished mismatching doors and gilded lanterns meet organic details of wild branches and abundant burgundy blooms, embodying a romantic rustic ideal.

    Photo Credit: Art De Vie

  • Ceremony Arch

    Ceremony Arch

    A powerful arch of vivid wildflowers mirrors the wilderness of the outdoors, making a statement against a beautifully barren backdrop. 

    Photo Credit: Melissa Oholendt / Florist: Munster Rose

  • Ceremony Aisle

    Ceremony Aisle

    A distressed, rusted milk churn topped with bountiful blooms brings bucolic vibes to the ceremony aisle.

  • Centerpiece


    Baby’s breath has a gentle country charm. Place them in mason jars wrapped in ribbon and burlap for full effect.

    Photo Credit: Next to Me Studios

  • Ceiling Décor

    Ceiling Décor

    Suspended grapevine balls enwrapped in fairy lights bring a magical effect to high ceilings.

    Photo Credit: Brinton Studios

  • Candles


    Miniature candles on tiers of birch stumps add a soft, romantic glow to any corner.

  • Cake Table

    Cake Table

    This cake display is barrels of fun. Buckets and spools intermix with cake pedestals to round out the barnyard feel.

  • Blanket Station

    Blanket Station

    Hay bales, logs, and patchwork quilts — what more could guests want in a rustic fall wedding? If the air is crisp, keep blankets out for them to stay comfortable, and accent the “snuggle station” with a distressed wooden initial and iron birdcage for a unique touch.

    Photo Credit: Ryan & Rach

  • Beer Tap

    Beer Tap

    This beer tap is rife with natural elements, from various grains of lumber to abundant greenery. Deer antlers complete the simplistically stunning look.

    Photo Credit: c.m.elle studios

  • Beer Bottles

    Beer Bottles

    Personalize your wedding sign — in lieu of a wood, beer bottles with painted letters lend a bit of old-fashioned charm.

    Photo Credit: The Kama Photography

  • Overhang


    Earthy mason jars held by twine hang from a suspended platform in a unique overhang that casts a soft, amber glow over reception tables.

  • Newlywed Chairs

    Newlywed Chairs

    Brass initials are a sweet addition to his and hers chairs.

  • Name Setings

    Name Setings

    A raw and earthy branch is the ideal outdoorsy element to show off your new name.

    Photo Credit: Charli Photography

  • Menu


    A windswept window offers a glimpse of the night’s delectables.

  • Lounge Area

    Lounge Area

    Hay bale couches, wine barrel table ends, plaid accents, and antler and ladder décor make this industrial barn lounge area a rustic dream.

  • Interiors


    From shutters and rafters to diverse chairs and minimal tables, bare wooden elements mix and match for a farmhouse feel.

  • Head Table

    Head Table

    This reception style is the definition of rustic chic. Wood interiors and a stone hearth play home to an enchanting chandelier, gauzy white curtains, and an elegantly exposed head table showcasing a stunning swath of foliage.

    Photo Credit: Lane Dittoe

  • Guest Book

    Guest Book

    A shabby desk hosts a rustic guest book display complete with vase of sunflowers and stones, wood stump, and lantern. Our favorite part — the couple captured kissing on a hay bale in the frame.

  • Favors Station

    Favors Station

    Turn your favors into décor piece that will make your guests pause on their way out. From a battered jade desk to the gift of nuts, this station is head-to-toe rustic.

  • Escort Cards

    Escort Cards

    Bring the garden inside. Sprigs of wildflowers for escort cards add a fresh and lush touch. Place them in a planter box for full effect.

    Photo Credit: James Moes

  • Entrance


    White curtains frame romantic views when pulled back against a barn doorway, especially when illuminated by the light inside.

    Photo Credit: Britt Rene Photo

  • Drink Station

    Drink Station

    As if your guests will need another reason to drink, this warm and sunny set-up will entice all to take a jar off its honey-hued shelves and have a good time.

    Photo Credit: Lisa Price Photography

  • Door Trim

    Door Trim

    A garland of foliage and orange blossoms adds a natural touch to the doorway of the ceremony venue.

    Photo Credit: Artemis Photography

  • Dessert Display

    Dessert Display

    An old-fashioned wooden bar card lends a sophisticated rustic air to this display of sweets and botany.

    Photo Credit: Michelle Chiu

  • Staircase Accents

    Staircase Accents

    Old crates overspilling with heaps of lavish flora and fauna liven up any set up steps.

  • Sign Post

    Sign Post

    Directional signs adorned with cascading greenery pair with a vintage bike for a rustic look that borders on whimsy.

    Photo Credit: Jonathon Ong

  • Seating Chart

    Seating Chart

    Weathered birch branches are fashioned into an abstract shape for a creative seating chart that looks like it’s part of the garden it’s standing in.

    Photo Credit: Hetler Photography

  • Runner


    A runner of brambles, moss, and florals have a natural, wild look that strikingly juxtaposes with an elegant ice blue place setting.

    Photo Credit: Art De Vie

  • Reception Venue

    Reception Venue

    An old spun wheel turned chandelier, twinkle lights, and beige linens with accents of greenery turn on the refined rural charm in this barnyard reception.

  • Reception Tables

    Reception Tables

    This Tuscan-inspired table is all rustic elegance. A centerpiece on ash wood of peach blossoms, navy tapered candles, and scattered fruits set against pale brick walls and a distressed door call to mind a pastel harvest.

    Photo Credit: Emma Pilkington

  • Reception Chairs

    Reception Chairs

    Give your reception chairs a bit of flair by tying a burlap bow around the back, topped with a sunflower for a pop of color.

  • Programs


    Rolled up parchment programs tied with twine and a delicate sprig of buds emit a thoroughly organic feel.

    Photo Credit: Mirrorbox Photography

  • Program Sign

    Program Sign

    Or, nix the traditional programs and make a serious décor statement with a large sign of the ceremony proceedings. A piece of wood framed in antique gold tacked against a thick trunk brings elegance and rural together.

    Photo Credit: Jen Rodriguez

  • Popcorn Bar

    Popcorn Bar

    Let your wedding theme guide your snack stations. Popped kernels of corn are an ideal complement to a rustic wedding, especially when served in wooden stand with a linen canopy.

    Photo Credit: Noi Tran Photography

  • Place Settings

    Place Settings

    Wooden slabs substitute plates to bring a bit of Mother Nature to the table.

    Photo Credit: Jenna McElroy

  • Place Cards

    Place Cards

    Cowboy boot card holders add a dash of Southwest country charm.

  • Photo Wall

    Photo Wall

    Wooden pallets play backdrop to the history of this couple’s life and love.

  • Tree Stumps

    Tree Stumps

    Who needs chairs when you have tree stumps? Place them at the reception table for a unique touch to your backyard affair.

    Photo Credit: Artemis Photography

  • Tabletop


    Minimalism knows how to work a rustic tabletop look. Forgo a tablecloth and opt only for a runner, simple plates, and eye-catching, yet subtle, florals in shades of pink and burgundy to let wooden tables really steal the moment.

    Photo Credit: Ken Kienow

  • Table Number

    Table Number

    Raw wood makes a natural — and affordable — backdrop for a table number. A tablescape in lush greenery, deep jewel tones, and mercury accents complements the richness of the lumber.

    Photo Credit: Studio 623 Photography

  • Table Décor

    Table Décor

    An antique letterbox, mercury vase, and books wrapped in twine, all accented with leafs of green, merge vintage and rustic.

    Photo Credit: Clean Plate Pictures

  • Sweetheart Table

    Sweetheart Table

    The battered surface of this sweetheart table does all the talking — no extravagant table setting necessary. In a gorgeous fashion of botany, a mountain of foliage graces the front. 

    Photo Credit: Casey Rose Photography

50 Rustic Wedding Decorations

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