50 Offbeat Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride

If you want your day to be a truly signature one, there are plenty of subtle alterations you can make to classic wedding traditions. Here are 50 ideas that will make your wedding anything but ordinary.

By: Lauren Gordon

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  • Officiant


    If a priest or judge won’t do, there are plenty of routes to find an above-average officiant for your ceremony. Persuade a loved one to be ordained and have them arrive in a unique way, be it in a pop culture costume or by having a puppet parade in tow.

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  • Parent Dances

    Parent Dances

    If both parents are present at your wedding, why just dance with one of them? Ask both parents to participate in a group dance, or skip the sentimental swaying altogether and have your bridal party join you on the floor to get the party started sooner.

  • Wedding Flowers

    Wedding Flowers

    Most weddings are overflowing with flowers — and while traditional bridal bouquets are beautiful, they can also feel overdone. Mix it up by giving your bridal party lovely lanterns to carry, lighting the way for your arrival down the aisle. 

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  • First Dance

    First Dance

    Don’t really have the moves when it comes to dancing? Swap the first dance for something more simple, like hula hooping! Provide a few extra hula hoops and ask guests to join in towards the end of your song.

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  • Guest Book

    Guest Book

    A guest book is a lovely keepsake — but if it’s just, well, a book, it may just collect dust on the shelf. A DIY frame that matches your motif, however, can be turned into sentimental wall art for your newlywed home.

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    Photo Credit: Lauren Gordon

  • Dinner


    Sure, everyone likes a fancy meal, but how many weddings have you been to where you would have just killed for some comfort food? Give your guests what they really want by curating a unique, casual menu featuring anything from pigs in a blanket to gourmet pizza.

  • Shoes


    Are you struggling with the idea of wearing stilettos all day? Make your wedding magical (and more comfortable) by seeking out unique styles. You could try your luck at thrift shops or order specially made footwear, like these fun fairy shoes.

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    Photo courtesy of Fairy Steps

  • Aisle Runner

    Aisle Runner

    Rolling out the red carpet will always make you feel like a star, but picking an aisle runner that speaks to your personality is far more glamorous. You can roll out cuts of astroturf, your favorite patterned textile, or a personalized fabric — all would accent your day in an unexpected way.

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    Photo Credit: The Other Sister Photography

  • Groom Suit

    Groom Suit

    Skip the traditional tux and have your groom add some vintage fun to your wedding by unearthing an old-school suit. While checking out thrift stores, be sure to search for a matching vintage bow or neck tie to complete the look.

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    Photo courtesy of JauntyRooster/Etsy

  • Place Cards

    Place Cards

    Personalize your place cards by skipping the average holders and getting crafty. Check out these painted clothespins that will adorably hold your guests' table assignments.

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    Photo courtesy of DeftPenDesigns/Etsy

  • Favors


    Let’s face it: Most wedding favors — especially the non-edible ones — will be "forgotten" by your guests at the end of the night. So why not have some fun with them instead? Get hysterical photos by gifting guests with customized temporary tattoos, and have application stations around the reception venue so they can put their fun and funky favor to use. 

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    Photo courtesy of FastTat/Etsy

  • Centerpieces


    Mason jars are probably flooding your Pinterest boards for centerpiece inspiration, but why not look to other everyday objects instead? With little tea lights and a bit of paint, you can transform something like a common brick into a rustic centerpiece. 

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    Photo Credit: Julie Redmond

  • Photographer


    Capture the day intimately by putting your guests to work. Find vintage Polaroid cameras and place them on the tables, and task guests with taking photos and depositing their favorites into your card box. Not only will you get instant photo gratification, but you’ll get to see all of your memorable moments through your guests’ eyes. 

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    Photo courtesy of Sopworth Vintage/Etsy

  • Unity Ceremony

    Unity Ceremony

    Sure, you could jointly light a candle as a symbol of your forever burning love — or you could take the much more delicious route and sip on each other’s favorite cocktail or share a bite of your favorite sandwich. Your call. 

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    Photo Credit: Erin Lindsey Images

  • Wedding Programs

    Wedding Programs

    Everyone pretty much gets the gist of of ceremony proceedings, so why not have fun with your programs? There are a ton of funny and quirky pamphlet ideas that will help set a casual tone for your nuptials.

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    Photo Credit: Megan Andrews Photo

  • Ceremony Music

    Ceremony Music

    The right music sets the mood for the ceremony, but classical music or religious hymns don’t always speak to the style of the not-so-average bride. Instead of a DJ or organ player, task a skilled loved one with operating a record player that plays your favorite vinyl tunes.

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  • Wedding Venue

    Wedding Venue

    Barns, beaches, and country clubs are all fine spots to say your “I dos,” but finding a truly memorable location is going to make your guests buzz about your wedding for years to come. Get married boho style by checking out alternative venues, like this English Roulotte for a countryside wedding that blows away the average barn. 

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    Photo Credit: Richard Howden 

  • Ceremony Readings

    Ceremony Readings

    Sometimes, religious prose or those time-honored vows just won’t do. Look to your favorite childhood books, poems, or love letter passages for inspiration.

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    Photo Credit: Timecut Photography

  • Cake Topper

    Cake Topper

    Skip the ceramic figurines and top your cake with a metallic laser-cut banner; it's a perfectly personal way to let your style shine through. 

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    Photo courtesy of BespokeCountryWed/Etsy

  • Quirky Dress

    Quirky Dress

    Who says a bride can’t be colorful? Instead of donning a plain white dress on your wedding day, funk up tradition with a custom dress filled with colorful accents, like dyed tulle and whimsically-placed flowers.

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  • Bouquet


    A bouquet of flowers is fleeting, but by choosing a bauble-based bouquet, you get to have a keepsake that will last you forever. 

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    Photo Credit: Kimberly Aurora

  • Celebration Rice

    Celebration Rice

    If you don’t want to deal with confetti clean up, have guests wave congratulatory flags in your honor with words of encouragement or funny phrases to make your send off into marriage a lighthearted one. 

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    Photo Credit: Choco Studio

  • Signature Drinks

    Signature Drinks

    Instead of coming up with a signature cocktail, serve delicious alcohol-infused cupcakes that are equally imbibing. 

    Photo Credit: Leslie Haasch of Stress Baking

  • Table Numbers

    Table Numbers

    Use your wedding table numbers as a way to reflect your wedding theme — like Legos for a nostalgic wedding or Scrabble tiles for a literary wedding.

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    Photo Credit: Infused Studios

  • Linens


    Be bold and let your reception shine. Skip the matte linens and go for a metallic or sequined sheet so that your special day glitters and glistens. 

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    Photo Credit: Jen Kroll Photography

  • Dessert-Inspired Bar

    Dessert-Inspired Bar

    If you and your sweetie don’t have a single sweet tooth between you, try setting up a savory snack bar instead. You can turn your favorite dish into a station, with ideas like a themed popcorn stand or mashed potato bar. 

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  • Sweetheart Table

    Sweetheart Table

    Draw attention to your sweetheart table by decorating it with your bridal party’s bouquets, setting up the area with hooks and fishing line that can allow the bouquets to be easily hung.

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    Photo Credit: Rob Mould Photography

  • Seating Chart

    Seating Chart

    Use a unique seating chart for guests to find their spots instead of traditional place cards. All you’ll need for this stellar seating chart is some string, nails, and a slab of wood. 

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  • Lighting


    Ask any wedding planner, and they’ll tell you that adding a lighting plan to your reception venue is an ambiance essential. But skip the gels and floor lights and add your own flare by filling the room with strategically-placed lights to give the room a romantic glow.

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    Photo Credit: VENDecor

  • Photo Booth

    Photo Booth

    An actual photobooth may be too extravagant for your taste, so why not set up a faux one? Paint up or print out a funny background and let guests have a blast with disposable cameras, or ask your photographer to spend part of their evening snapping those shots.

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  • Bridesmaid Dresses

    Bridesmaid Dresses

    Give your wedding party a signature look by skipping the full-length satin gowns in favor of a shirt and skirt combo that will flatter all of your best gals.

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  • Ring Bearer

    Ring Bearer

    Instead of tasking your favorite little man with the big job of holding your rings, get him to carry a funny or sweet sign that will announce your arrival. 

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    Photo Credit: PW Photography

  • Flower Girls

    Flower Girls

    Don’t sweat it if you don’t have a little lady in your life to pepper the aisle with petals. You can get your best grandma gals to help you out for a fun way to include the young at heart.

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    Photo Credit: Genevieve Leiper

  • Bridal Party Proposal

    Bridal Party Proposal

    Asking your friends to be a part of your special day is so monumental — so make it unforgettable. Send around puzzles for 'maids to decode, and when they discover your sweet request, they’ll just have to say yes. 

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  • Bridal Party Gifts

    Bridal Party Gifts

    Brides often thank their bridal party with gifts of themed jewelry, but rather than giving them a generic chain, make it more personal. A locket containing a photo of you and your bridal party member is not only a sentimentally sweet gift, but if your bridesmaids wear them to the festivities, it will give your wedding a unique, rustic touch. 

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    Photo coutesy of YugenTribe/Etsy

  • Wedding Card Holder

    Wedding Card Holder

    Think outside the card box and look for ways to upcycle alternative containers that guests can fill with cards or well wishes, like this personalized mini wine barrel. 

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    Photo courtesy of TheManRegistry/Etsy

  • Transportation


    If you or your partner has the riding chops, arrive for your big day on the back of a motorcycle. No one will forget that entrance.

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    Photo Credit: Jill Devries

  • Men

    Men's Jewelry

    If you find golden bands boring and a tattoo ring too trendy, try hunting around for a ring that has personality. These steampunk bridal bands are the perfect blend of traditional and stylish. 

    Photo courtesy of SwankMetalSmithing/Etsy

  • Garter


    If you’re a bride who considers herself silly and sexy, your garter can’t just represent the seductive side of you. Add your own quirky charm to it with accents that showcase your silly nature, like this geeky garter.

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    Photo Credit: TablesandTemari/Etsy

  • Makeup


    A blushing bride doesn’t have to adhere to the “natural” on her big day. Be bold and go for dramatic, nearly ethereal looks with your makeup and hair color. 

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  • Hair


    Perhaps jewels, veils, and flowers simply just don’t appeal to you for your wedding day hairstyle, but you do want something to help you stand out. Aside from elaborately constructed braids or quirky hair colors, you can give your do a signature look with accents, like lace bows.

  • Whimsical Décor

    Whimsical Décor

    Splurge on a unique décor element your guests can't miss, like this cool butterfly chandelier. Bonus: You can later use as decoration in your new digs as a married couple.

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    Photo Credit: John Labbe / Event Designer: Preston Bailey

  • Wedding Games

    Wedding Games

    For couples who live for game night, having something a little extra for guests to do is a must. But if you’re hoping to skip the typical yard games, like cornhole, you’ll definitely want to check out yard dice. Be sure to write up and post game ideas and rules to inspire and entice guests to play.

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    Photo courtesy of SandyKsCustomDesigns/Etsy

  • Wedding Cake

    Wedding Cake

    Perhaps you want to treat your guests to something less conventional than an ornately decorated cake? Try a tower of your favorite sweet treats, like cookies or brownies. 

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    Photo Credit: Piece of Cake

  • Toasting Flutes

    Toasting Flutes

    Cheers to your new life in style with toasting flutes that are anything but traditional. Look for flutes that fit your color scheme or just simply speak to you.

    Photo courtesy of MaryElizabethArts/Etsy

  • Invitations


    Forget cardstock and magnets — prepare guests for your quirky wedding by sending out fun signature invites, like these film reels.

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    Photo Credit: Rigard Janse van Rensburg

  • Wedding Rings

    Wedding Rings

    The exchange of wedding rings during the ceremony is a pivotal and symbolic moment, but what maybe rings just aren’t your thing. Instead, exchange other meaningful pieces of jewelry, like these braided leather necklaces adorned with a vow-engraved charm to tell the world you’re taken. 

    Photo courtesy of SPUNKbyCM/Etsy

  • Veil


    Love the idea of a headpiece but can’t bear to think of wearing a classic veil? Try a colorful, quirky accessory that will pop against any white dress. With subtle nods to a traditional birdcage veil, a fun, feathered piece like this feels “bridal” without being too conventional. 

    Photo Credit: Sparkle Malarkey 

  • Garter Toss

    Garter Toss

    Skip the traditional garter toss and plan a fun surprise for the kids instead; toss plush toys that'll become snuggly wedding keepsakes!

  • Bouquet Toss

    Bouquet Toss

    Are all of your single ladies worthy of love? Of course they are! That is why you should toss a multiplying bouquet instead of one solid throw away. Once you toss, the girls will quickly see that there are plenty of flowers up for grabs. 

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    Photo Credit: Kylene & Ryan Studios

50 Offbeat Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride

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