50 New Year's Eve Wedding Ideas

What’s not to like about a New Year’s Eve wedding? Think midnight kisses, popping bubbly, glitter, and shimmer. Guests are automatically in the mood to party, and your wedding is instantly the last and first party of the year. Besides, it’s the perfect excuse to go all out with a bit of glam and glitz. Worried about going overboard? Subtly incorporate time pieces, metallics, and sequins to pack a small punch among more toned-down décor. These ideas will have you beginning and ending your year in style while celebrating your love with a bang.

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • Champagne Minis

    Champagne Minis

    Miniature bottles of bubbly are the perfect take-home gift, especially when they’re already in black and gold. Tie a polka-dotted straw to the bottle with a sheer gold ribbon for a bit of flair. Cheers!

  • Champagne Bucket

    Champagne Bucket

    Spruce up the bar area with the holiday’s drink of choice — champagne. Dare to be different and opt for some pink bubbly.

    Photo Credit: Beth Wells Photography

  • Ceremony Aisle

    Ceremony Aisle

    Move over, red carpet — a glitter polka dot aisle knows how to steal the spotlight.

    Photo Credit: Shewanders

  • Centerpiece


    Copper vases give centerpieces a striking look reminiscent of a disco ball. Pair them with greens for a vivid contrast.

    Photo Credit: Shewanders

  • Ceiling Décor

    Ceiling Décor

    Let balloons act a little wild as they roam loose across the ceiling. This ceiling décor is not only an inexpensive way to dress up the ceiling, but provides a fun juxtaposition to the elegant reception tables below. 

    Photo Credit: The Youngrens

  • Ceiling Centerpiece

    Ceiling Centerpiece

    Strung ornaments filled with tinsel, glitter, confetti, and crystals provide a festive feel as a unique ceiling centerpiece overlooking a modernly romantic tablescape.

  • Black and Gold

    Black and Gold

    You can’t go wrong the classic New Year’s palette of black and gold. Maximize the glitz and glam potential of these colors with a sequined tablecloth and gilded plates and silverware.

    Photo Credit: Inga Finch Photography

  • Balloon Overhang

    Balloon Overhang

    A net of white and copper balloons acts as fun ceiling décor over the dance floor until it’s ready to be released in true party fashion at midnight.

  • Backdrop


    Garland and papier-mâché honeycomb balls in an alternative New Year’s palette of silver, white, and blush combine for a twinkling effect. It’s perfect behind any table display.

  • Altar


    A gauzy backdrop speckled with twinkling lights and flanked by gold and white balloons pays a subtle tribute to the holiday.

  • Guest Book

    Guest Book

    Signed bottles of champagne as guest books are the ideal nod to the midnight toast and provide messages to reminisce on as you sip the bubbly on an anniversary.

    Photo Credit: Cavanagh Photography

  • Glitter Numbers

    Glitter Numbers

    Glitter brings a bit of style, sparkle, and shine to these standout table numbers.

  • Glam Candles

    Glam Candles

    These candles sparkle in more ways than one. Create a DIY flashy centerpiece by painting candles in glue or Mod Podge and dipping them into glitter.

    Photo Credit: Love Me Do Photography

  • Gallery Wall

    Gallery Wall

    A gallery wall of clocks makes the perfect décor statement that can double as a photo backdrop. The eclectic mix of vintage, modern, and rustic clocks brings a whimsical touch.

  • Floor Décor

    Floor Décor

    Fill clear balloons with confetti and let them drift across the floor for a touch of merry sparkle.

    Photo Credit: Love Me Do Photography

  • Exit


    Go out with a bang — make your grand exit under the blaze of crackling sparklers.

  • Escort Cards

    Escort Cards

    Noisemakers serve double duty as escort cards and toys for party fun.

    Photo Credit: Joy Marie Photography

  • Drink Stirrers

    Drink Stirrers

    On New Year's, it’s all about the bubbly and the cocktails. Give them the attention they deserve with crystallized drink stirrers rife with edgy glam.

  • Drink Station

    Drink Station

    With a centerpiece champagne bucket, miniature bottles of liquor, and New Year’s party favors, all lit up by a “Cheers” marquee sign, this drink station is stacked.

  • Cupcakes


    Adorn your sweets with metallic and glittery details, topped with a fun holiday phrase.

    Photo Credit: Shewanders

  • Cookies


    Frost up sugar cookies with clocks, dates, and names for a bit of festive flair.

    Photo Credit: Studio Castillero

  • Confetti Toss

    Confetti Toss

    When the clock strikes twelve, have your guests shower you and your husband in confetti to celebrate the midnight kiss.

  • Confetti Bar

    Confetti Bar

    Sparklers, streams, beads, and confetti — guests can go crazy with this colorful display.

    Photo Credit: Lisa Mallory Photo

  • Cocktail Napkins

    Cocktail Napkins

    These punny napkins add a bit of festive cheer.

    Photo Credit: Love Life Images

  • Photobooth Props

    Photobooth Props

    A photobooth won’t be complete without the right props — provide clocks, hats, and noisemakers for the occasion, displayed on a sequined silver tablecloth for a final touch.

    Photo Credit: Deyla Huss Photography

  • Photobooth Fun

    Photobooth Fun

    There’s no backdrop like a metallic golden streamer backdrop when it comes to a New Year’s Eve photobooth.

  • Party Favors

    Party Favors

    Blowouts, party horns, and the like — place them up for grabs on a table so guests can get carried away when the ball drops. Bonus: They double as favors to take home and can make a great décor statement.

  • Ornaments


    A centerpiece of gold, copper, and bronze ornaments is chic and jolly.

    Photo Credit: The Youngrens

  • Number Balloons

    Number Balloons

    Number balloons make for fun props when picture time comes. Spell out the year before and after midnight, and let them float to the ceiling for a bit of overhead shimmer when you’re not using them.

    Photo Credit: Suzuran Photography

  • Noisemakers


    A New Year’s Eve staple, noisemakers get a wedding twist when paired with a witty tagline.

    Photo Credit: Blue Rose Photography

  • Napkin Ties

    Napkin Ties

    Tasseled bells tied around napkins add a whimsical touch to ring in the New Year.

    Photo Credit: Kelsea Holder

  • Name Holders

    Name Holders

    These sequined golden name holders mimic a spinning disco ball and will look divine on any place setting.

  • Midnight Kisses

    Midnight Kisses

    Punny treats are always fun — let staples of the holiday guide the selection for your dessert bar.

    Photo Credit: Joy Marie Photography

  • Metallics


    Metallic accents, like mercury candles and gilded fruits, dazzle no matter where they’re placed.

    Photo Credit: Kelsea Holder

  • Metallic Flowers

    Metallic Flowers

    Spray-painted centerpiece arrangements with a metallic silver offer a bit of glitz, complemented by scattered tinsel and colorful ornaments.

    Photo Credit: Taryn Kent

  • Menus


    This classy table setting is timeless — literally. A menu printed on a paper clock fits elegantly into a transparent plate edged with gilded studs against a gold brocade tablecloth and paired with mercury candles.

    Photo Credit: The Youngrens

  • Masks


    A New Year’s Eve wedding is the perfect excuse to throw a masquerade theme. Place a fun mask at each guest’s seat.

    Photo Credit: Tonya Khae Photography

  • Lounge Area

    Lounge Area

    Festoon your lounge area with stringed lights and tinsel for a magical effect. Coupled with a bar adorned in matching tinsel and lit up with a marquee sign, the look is modern glam.

  • Tick Tock

    Tick Tock

    Mix and match clocks as centerpieces among reception tables so guests can countdown to midnight.

  • Tablecloths


    A shimmering pewter tablecloth instantly adds a dash of glam elegance to any cocktail table for a more simple yet striking vibe.

  • Table Setting

    Table Setting

    Plates doubling as clocks topped with a bowl of golden baubles? This table setting is a classy and elegant New Year’s dream.

    Photo Credit: Lisa Blume Photography / Event Planner: Karson Butler Events

  • Table Numbers

    Table Numbers

    Pair a resolution with each table number to inspire guests to start off the New Year on the right note.

    Photo Credit: Deyla Huss Photography

  • Sweetheart Table

    Sweetheart Table

    Gold sequined fabric is simple yet stunning, providing the ideal backdrop for you and your groom to shine against. Balloons add a celebratory vibe in an alternative New Year’s color palette of pink and white.

    Photo Credit: Photographik

  • Sparkling Runners

    Sparkling Runners

    Gold sequined runners add a dash of glitz and glam to the table, allowing the center to sparkle and shine.

  • Sparkler


    A sparkler at each guest’s seat will get them fired up for the stroke of midnight. When set against a silver sequined tablecloth, the vibe is all dazzle and fun.

  • S


    Glam up this old campfire treat by topping it with gold sprinkles and serving it on an elegant picture frame.

    Photo Credit: Lisa Blume Photography / Event Planner: Karson Butler Events

  • Sequined Cake

    Sequined Cake

    With a gold sequined bottom tier and ruffled middle tier, this chic and elegant cake has a party vibe that screams New Year.

  • Scotch Station

    Scotch Station

    Soak up the taste of the brown spirits with a scotch station set against an oversized clock to countdown to midnight.

    Photo Credit: Kim Kayln Photography

  • Save the Date

    Save the Date

    Set the tone for your New Year’s Eve wedding with a festive invitation. Think sequins, metallics, or even packets of modern confetti medallions guests can take with them to the wedding.

    Photo Credit: N. Barrett

  • Resolution Wishes

    Resolution Wishes

    Instead of having guests write well wishes, have them share a resolution for you and your husband to take on in the New Year.

    Photo Credit: Blue Rose Photography

50 New Year's Eve Wedding Ideas

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