Most Haunted Wedding Venues in the U.S.A.

Searching for a spooky spot to tie the knot? Give your guests the thrill of a lifetime at one of these extraordinary venues.

By: Mary Gillen

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  • The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO

    The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO

    Stephen King was inspired to write The Shining while staying in room 217. It's haunted by F.O. Stanley, the hotel’s original owner, and his wife, Flora — Mr. Stanley plays piano in the hotel’s music room, and his wife is often spotted in the billiards room and lobby.

    The MacGregor Ballroom offers exquisite mountaintop views and rich wood décor for up to 200 guests. If you're looking for a more intimate affair, the Library Room is a cozy setting complete with a private veranda overlooking Lake Estes. For truly haunting nuptials, Stanley’s Music Room features gorgeous Palladian windows, breathtaking Rocky Mountain views, and a grand stage (stanleyhotel.com).

    Photo courtesy of The Stanley Hotel

  • The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

    The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

    The once-luxurious ocean liner is now a permanently docked hotel and California landmark. Ghosts of three travelers and two crewmen (one of whom was crushed in an automatic door) are said to haunt the ship.

    Whether you and your groom want a traditional ceremony in the Royal Wedding Chapel or to say your vows on the bow at sunset, the Queen Mary is an amazing place to tie the knot. Wedding packages start at $59 per person and include a one-hour reception, beer and wine bar, and a three-course meal, in addition to many other amenities (queenmary.com).

    Photo courtesy of The Queen Mary

  • The Lodge Resort & Spa in Cloudcroft, NM

    The Lodge Resort & Spa in Cloudcroft, NM

    Rebecca, a murdered chambermaid, wanders throughout the halls of this hotel. Rebecca is said to be a friendly ghost — aside from the occasional spontaneously-lit fireplace and flickering lights, she leaves guests alone.

    Choose this venue if you are looking for a relaxing, rustic retreat for 30 to 200 guests (thelodgeresort.com).

    Photo courtesy of The Lodge Resort & Spa

  • The Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, KS

    The Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, KS

    The hotel has a dramatic history dating back to the Civil War, when it was burnt to the ground — twice, along with the rest of the city the second time — by pro-slavery guerrilla troops. Colonel Eldridge rebuilt the hotel, and it now serves as a symbol of the Lawrence citizens’ fight for the rights of individuals everywhere. The Colonel is now thought to be haunting the hotel, protecting it from beyond the grave.

    The hotel has reception spaces for both traditional and modern brides. The Crystal Ballroom is an elegant space with classic décor, and the Big 6 Room’s exposed brick and grand fireplace is ideal for a contemporary affair (eldridgehotel.com).

    Photo courtesy of The Eldridge Hotel

  • The Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs, AR

    The Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs, AR

    This spirited hotel has been hosting weddings for over 125 years. Paranormal researchers Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, stars of Ghost Hunters, caught on a thermal-imaging camera "the Holy Grail" of paranormal investigation: A full-body apparition wearing a hat and nodding.

    The hotel is one of the nation's top wedding and honeymoon destinations, known for its fairytale-like architecture and pristine forest views. Dazzling chandeliers light up the hardwood dance floor of the century-old Crystal Ballroom. If you’re a bride dreaming of an enchanted garden wedding, The Crescent’s 15 acres of colorful gardens can provide a magical celebration for up to 350 guests (crescent-hotel.com).

    Photo courtesy of The Crescent Hotel

  • Pythian Castle in Springfield, MO

    Pythian Castle in Springfield, MO

    Constructed in 1913 by the Knights of Pythias, this regal venue has been home to everyone from orphans to soldiers. Today, it is not uncommon to hear male or female voices, bump into an unseen mass, hear doors shutting, or see boxes being moved when seemingly no one is there. Orbs have been detected in several areas of the building along with temperature changes, and many paranormal images have been caught on camera.

    There is a theatre and a ballroom available to rent for your big day. The theater is located directly above the ballroom, giving couples the option to use both spaces. Best of all, this venue's warm and colorful décor requires very little extra decorating (pythiancastle.com).

    Photo courtesy of Pythian Castle

  • Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C.

    Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C.

    Since 1930, this hotel has hosted presidents, world leaders, and inaugural balls — and it’s no secret the Omni Shoreham is haunted. One of the presidential suites is even named “The Ghost Suite” because of its unexplained occurrences. The space used to be the apartment for former owner, Henry Doherty, and his family. While the Dohertys lived there, the family experienced three unexpected deaths — Mr. Doherty’s daughter, wife, and live-in housekeeper.

    The Omni Shoreham boasts seven different ballrooms, including the 17,000 square-foot Regency Ballroom, all which make beautiful wedding venues (omnihotels.com).

    Photo courtesy of Omni Hotels

  • Omni Parker House in Boston, MA

    Omni Parker House in Boston, MA

    The oldest continually operating hotel in America, the hotel is thought to be haunted by its first manager, Harvey Parker. Guests have reported seeing the always-diligent Parker in their rooms, asking about their stay.

    Situated on the fifteenth floor is a rooftop ballroom offering stunning views of Boston. It features a sky-high ceiling, crystal chandeliers and over 3,500 square feet of celebration space (omnihotels.com).

    Photo courtesy of Omni Hotels

  • Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, NH

    Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, NH

    The haunting activity revolves around Carolyn Stickney, widow of the hotel's original owner, Joseph Stickney. After the hotel’s opening in 1902, Carolyn frequented it and hosted many parties there — and it’s said she still spends the majority of her time there. She pops up in guests' rooms and photos from time to time.

    The resort's motto: “The place where fairytale weddings come true.” With ten different rental facilities for weddings of all kinds — indoor, outdoor, grand, intimate, formal, informal — whatever your dream wedding is, the Omni Mount Washington Resort can provide it (omnihotels.com).

    Photo courtesy of Omni Hotels

  • Ohio State Reformatory Prison in Mansfield, OH

    Ohio State Reformatory Prison in Mansfield, OH

    Many of the criminals sent to this Ohio prison never left. At least one inmate succeeded in hanging himself, another set himself on fire, and the list goes on. And the prisoners aren’t the only spirits believed to be haunting the former prison. In 1950, the warden's wife accidentally shot herself with a hidden pistol while removing a jewelry box from a closet. A few years later, the warden died of a massive heart attack. Today, tour guides and guests swear they hear this husband and wife talking from beyond the grave.

    Each year, this former penitentiary hosts a bridal show called “Glamour in the Slammer.” The castle-like façade truly is stunning. "The room is beautiful. It's seated right between both of our cell blocks, in the very center of the building, with large granite columns, black and white marble floors, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls," Susan Nirode, operations manager of the Preservation Society, told ABC News. This unique venue is ideal for brides on a budget — rates start at only $1,000 (mrps.org).

    Photo courtesy of Ohio State Reformatory Prison

  • Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA

    Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA

    This cemetery is a surprisingly gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos. Oakland is Atlanta’s first city cemetery and was designed in the Victorian garden style. It’s a beautiful place with stone pathways, gorgeous mausoleums, elaborate statues, and plenty of trees and flowers. The cemetery has always been a popular spot for picnics and gatherings of those who lost loved ones in the Civil War.

    Today, people come to walk the brick pathways and admire the flowers growing alongside the plots. There are over 70,000 souls resting there. Most ghostly activity is said to occur around the Lion of Atlanta, a monument honoring the 3,000 unknown Confederate Soldiers who died in battle (oaklandcemetery.com).

    Photo Credit: Lytle Foto

  • The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, LA

    The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, LA

    This 215-year-old Southern plantation is one of Time Magazine's Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World. Legend has it that an enslaved woman named Chloe, who lost an ear for eavesdropping on her master, haunts the plantation. Chloe got revenge by poisoning her master's two daughters with a birthday cake — and they also haunt the grounds.

    The Myrtles Plantation has both ceremony and reception facilities, along with a restaurant that offers wedding catering. Couples can wed in the Enchanted Courtyard or have a tent-style wedding on the plantation grounds (myrtlesplantation.com).

    Photo courtesy of The Myrtles Plantation

  • Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River, MA

    Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River, MA

    Lizzie Borden, the infamous woman who brutally murdered her father and stepmother, lived here... and many think she and her family still do. Guests have reported seeing a woman's ghost and hearing crying, footsteps, and voices.

    If you're brave enough, weddings for up to 20 guests can be hosted for about $1,500 (lizzie-borden.com).

    Photo courtesy of Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

  • The Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, CA

    The Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, CA

    This hotel is the epitome of Old Hollywood glamour. It was designed and built to cater to celebrities, and the first Academy Awards ceremony was celebrated in the hotel's ballroom, the Blossom Room. But ever since the hotel underwent renovations in 1984, the spirits of the Roosevelt have been angry. According to USA Today, cold spots have been reported in the Blossom Room, and employees have seen the image of a pretty blond woman in the mirror hanging in the suite previously used by Marilyn Monroe. Strange noises, shadows, phantom typewriting, and phones lifting off the hook are other phenomena said to happen at the Roosevelt.

    Twenty equally-fabulous rooms are available for your ceremony and reception needs. If you’re craving red carpet treatment, look no further than the legendary Blossom Room (thompsonhotels.com).

    Photo courtesy of The Roosevelt Hotel

  • Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, CA

    Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, CA

    A gorgeous seaside venue built in 1888, the hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of Kate Morgan, who was found dead on the beach stairs from a mysterious gunshot wound to her head. Drapes move, screens fall off the windows, and light can be seen coming from unoccupied rooms. Employees, workers, and guests have observed odd noises, spirited breezes, and a ghostly figure of a woman wearing a black lace dress.

    Hotel del Coronado was named one of the top wedding destinations in America by the Travel Channel. From its breathtaking beachfront and majestic garden ceremonies to its grand ballroom receptions, this venue perfectly suits any bride’s needs (hoteldel.com).

    Photo courtesy of Hotel del Coronado

  • The Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX

    The Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX

    Colonel Driskill himself is said to wander through the original side of the hotel. His ghost is marked by the smell of cigar smoke and a fascination with bathroom lights. And in 1887, while the Texas Senate was in session, the daughter of a Senator fell to her death while chasing a ball down the grand staircase. Her death was the first at the hotel. Within a week, her spirit returned and can be seen running around and playing with her ball throughout the first floor lobby, the ladies' bathroom and the stairs leading to the mezzanine.

    This popular wedding venue has stunning architecture both inside and out. The Driskill has a reputation for the most majestic rooms and dedicated staff in all of Texas (driskillhotel.com).

    Photo courtesy of The Driskill Hotel

  • Don Vicente de Ybor Inn in Tampa, FL

    Don Vicente de Ybor Inn in Tampa, FL

    This former hospital was nicknamed “Hotel Hell” by the hosts of The Travel Channel’s Dead Files. Research conducted by the show found the building may have been the site of mafia activity and a deranged doctor who performed experiments on bodies he tried to bring back to life. The show’s medium sensed the spirit of a nurse and dozens of other apparitions.

    Despite the frightening history, hundreds of couples have had dream weddings within the walls of this creepy hotel. The charming antique furniture and grand staircase are details that make this venue picture-perfect (donvicenteinn.com).

    Photo Credit: Booray Perry Photography

  • Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, IL

    Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, IL

    Unlike many haunted venues, the spooky activity here isn’t widely advertised. Although many believe the hotel is one of the most active haunted spots in Chicago, not many are willing to speak on what, exactly, goes on there. According to Shermans Travel’s Top 10 Haunted Hotels, staff at the Congress Plaza Hotel often see the apparition of a young boy who was apparently thrown from the roof of the hotel with his brother by their mother before she committed suicide.

    The hotel has four different ballrooms. The most spectacular of these, The Gold Room, literally shimmers with Italian Renaissance charm (congressplazahotel.com).

    Photo courtesy of Congress Plaza Hotel

  • The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC

    The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC

    The ghost of Dr. William Jacocks is believed to be the resident apparition at this North Carolina inn. Suite 252 was his home for twenty years, and guests who stay in the room often find themselves locked out. The door once had to be removed from the hinges because it would not budge. Paranormal researchers have collected many pieces of evidence from the hotel, including recordings of softly spoken words, faint piano notes, and video of an orb-like object floating in the air.

    Despite all of the activity from the afterlife, weddings at the inn are lively occasions in intimate parlors, secluded courtyards, and grandiose ballrooms (carolinainn.com).

    Photo courtesy of The Carolina Inn

  • The Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing, NY

    The Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing, NY

    Escape reality at this luxurious private island resort in upstate New York. When the hotel opened in 1883, it was primarily frequented by affluent New Yorkers looking to get away from busy city life. But starting in the 1950s, golfers started seeing the ghost of a young boy on the course. It's believed that the boy was stuck by a car and tragically died while chasing a stray golf ball. And the most famous place to dine, The Trillium, is visited regularly by a ghostly couple believed to be some of the first guests of the hotel.

    Today, the Sagamore is the perfect destination for a weekend wedding jam-packed with fun activities. Get pampered at the on-site salon and spa, have some fun in the sun water skiing and parasailing, or play golf on the world class golf course. The hotel features six superb restaurants, all catering to your reception and rehearsal dinner needs (thesagamore.com). 

    Photo courtesy of The Sagamore Resort

Most Haunted Wedding Venues in the U.S.A.

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