25 Photos You'll Definitely Want From Your Bridal Shower

The bridal shower: A time when all of your nearest and dearest come to “shower” you with love and gifts for your future life and home. Between the mingling, the games, and the gifts, these few hours will fly by. Share this list of must-have photos with your photographer (or party host) to ensure these moments are captured. 

By: Nastassja Ferreira

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  • Games


    Bridal shower games are great ice breakers for your guests — and often result in the funniest photos of the day that you'll treasure forever.

    Photo Credit: Karla Garcia Costa

  • Party Favors

    Party Favors

    If your party favors are edible, that means a photo is the only keepsake you'll have. Make sure to take a picture before your guests grab their goodies.

    Photo Credit: Karla Garcia Costa 

  • The Countdown

    The Countdown

    How many days until you become a Mrs.? Each event during your engagement is one step closer to the big day. Let everyone know just how soon you’ll be saying “I Do!” — and take a picture so that you'll have a smaller keepsake than the oversized sign.

  • Just You

    Just You

    Finally, this day is all about you; strike a pose by yourself to commemorate the moment.  

    Photo Credit: Amy Anaiz 

  • Ribbons & Bows

    Ribbons & Bows

    Have your MOH collect the ribbons from your gifts to turn into a hat to wear at the end of the party. Don't want to risk messing up your hair? Your bow "hat" can also be held as a bouquet — and reused during your wedding ceremony rehearsal to practice carrying a bouquet down the aisle.

  • Location, Location, Location

    Location, Location, Location

    Whether your family rented a private room at your favorite restaurant or chose the intimate location of your parents backyard, the place and space is a memory you’ll want to treasure forever.

    Photo Credit: Dan Watson

  • The Happy Couple

    The Happy Couple

    A fun way to introduce your sweetie to your guests who have not yet met him/her is to create a photo montage of the two of you. Make sure to capture this keepsake for your photo album as well. 

  • Opening Gifts

    Opening Gifts

    All of your housewares dreams are about to come true. Capture your emotion as you untie every ribbon.  

  • Menu


    Should you opt for a more formal bridal shower, make sure your photographer snaps shots of the menu.

    Photo Credit: Karla Korn

  • You Are Invited To…

    You Are Invited To…

    More thank likely, your shower invitation will be a beautiful keepsake — and, as the bride, you may not have received one! Ask your hostess to bring one so that you can see it, and have your photographer arrange an invitation shot for your album.

  • Meet the Groom

    Meet the Groom

    The tradition of the groom showing up with flowers for his bride just before gifts are opened is popular once again. Make sure to photograph that special moment together. 

    Photo Credit: Karla Garcia Costa

  • Generational Photo

    Generational Photo

    This is also a very special time for the women in your life who have watched you grow from a little girl into a beautiful woman. Set aside a moment to take a pic with your mom or grandma or any other special women in your life. 

  • "Bride"


    Who are we there to celebrate?! YOU! If your seat of honor is marked, make sure you capture in a photo.

  • Here Comes The Bride (to Be)

    Here Comes The Bride (to Be)

    Whether your shower is a surprise or not, you will be overcome with joy the first time you see all of your friends and family gathered to celebrate you. Designate someone to capture that moment on film.

  • The Spread

    The Spread

    Your party planners likely spent hours planning the delectable foods for your shower — finger foods have never looked so fancy. Snap a photo of the spread before you all dig in!

  • Flowers


    Your shower would be a great time to give your wedding florist a test drive — let your host(s) know, and if they agree, remember to photograph it for reference later.

    Photo Credit: Karla Korn

  • Bridal Party

    Bridal Party

    Grab your bridal party for a quick photo op. Take a few group photos, as well as individual pics with each bridesmaid. You can also use these pics later to introduce your bridal party to all of your guests on your wedding website. 

    Photo Credit: J Wiley Photography

  • Gift Table

    Gift Table

    A heaping pile full of presents just for you? Of course you need a picture of that.

    Photo Credit: Stevie Dee

  • Treats Table

    Treats Table

    Cookies, cakes, and candy — oh my! Dessert displays are gorgeous focal points at most bridal showers, so make sure to snap a photo before indulging.

    Photo Credit: Amy Anaiz

  • Candid Moments

    Candid Moments

    Encourage guests to snap their own candid photos by providing cameras at each table.

    Photo Credit: Amy Anaiz 

  • Guests & Gifts

    Guests & Gifts

    If you're hiring a photographer, think about the bridal shower moments you won't see — like all of your friends and family members arriving for the party. Your photographer can capture these moments for you to enjoy later.

    Photo Credit: Becky Young

  • #Hashtag


    Debut your wedding #hashtag with a cute sign at your bridal shower; this way, all events and photos related to your wedding will be easy to find. It will also make a cute photo for your album. 

    Photo Credit: Dan Watson

  • Toast


    Prepare a little speech to thank your party planners and all your guests. Now, if everybody could raise a glass…

  • The Details

    The Details

    Your host(s) have put a lot of time into imagining your special event day and pulling togeher all the little details to make it come alive. You’ll always want to remember what those details entailed, so make sure your photographer captures all the magic. 

    Photo Credit: Karla Garcia Costa

  • Tablescape


    Your friends and family likely transformed into an army of DIY pros in order to create the perfect tablescape. Take pics from all angles before and during the party. 

25 Photos You'll Definitely Want From Your Bridal Shower

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