25 Reasons to Love an Outdoor Fall Wedding

Outdoor weddings are trendy for a reason, and it's high time to embrace the outdoor fall wedding. The best weather and the best day sounds like a recipe for a wonderful wedding.

By: Mallory Recor

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  • Twinkle Lights

    Twinkle Lights

    The autumn equinox means having that twinkle lit wedding you've been dreaming of can happen before dinner.

    Photo Credit: Shewanders

  • Apple of Your Eye

    Apple of Your Eye

    What better way to celebrate a fall wedding than with a big steamy mug of hot apple cider?

    Photo Credit: Abby Grace Photography / Styling by Atrendy Wedding

  • By Candlelight

    By Candlelight

    Everything is more beautiful when awash with candlelight — and there are no candle restrictions outdoors!

    Photo Credit: LV Imagery / Styled by Blush & Bowties

  • Grab a Seat

    Grab a Seat

    Hay bales are inexpensive, cute, and can only be used outside... perks of the outdoor wedding!

    Photo Credit: Lover of Weddings

  • Miss American Pie

    Miss American Pie

    Pie is the unofficial dessert of autumn, and what better way to enjoy it than outside?

  • In Case of Rain

    In Case of Rain

    Worried about the unpredictable (read: sometimes wet) autumn season? Put your girls in their Wellies!

  • Get Cozy

    Get Cozy

    Providing blankets for your guests keeps them warm when the temperature drops.

    Photo Credit: Urban Fig Photography

  • Cuddle Weather

    Cuddle Weather

    Stay warm on a cool autumn night by cuddling up with your sweetie!

  • Stylish Sleeves

    Stylish Sleeves

    Ever since Kate Middleton's iconic look, we've all been a bit gaga over a wedding dress with sleeves. Fall is the perfect time to rock this trend!

    Photo Credit: Benj Haisch

  • S


    Roasted marshmellows and wedding gowns may not sound like a match made in heaven, but believe it... they are.

    Photo Credit: Abby Caldwell

  • Beauty to be Found

    Beauty to be Found

    Foraging is free, and when you add the beautiful foliage to your flowers, it's bound to be timeless.

  • Caramel Apple

    Caramel Apple

    After the cider cocktail hour, carry the theme to the favor and pass out caramel apples.

    Photo Credit: Bobby Pathammavong

  • Skip the Rice

    Skip the Rice

    Grab a handful of leaves to toss! Not only are they free, but the photo op is priceless.

  • Bridal Booties

    Bridal Booties

    Cowboy boots aren't your style? Grab a chic pair of booties instead. 

    Photo Credit: Braedon Photography

  • In Case of Rain

    In Case of Rain

    The good news is, cuddling with your newly-ringed honey under an umbrella is super romantic.

    Photo Credit: Ryan Ray Photography

  • Comfort Cuisine

    Comfort Cuisine

    There is no reason you can't serve grilled cheese and tomato soup at your wedding! Fall is made for comfort food.

    Photo Credit: Aura Marzouk

  • Cute Boots

    Cute Boots

    When you throw your fall wedding outside, cowboy boots are not only beautiful, but practical, too!

  • Gorgeous Gourds

    Gorgeous Gourds

    Fall is the time of the pumpkin, and nothing beats these beauties when it comes to making a cheap but powerful impact.

  • Free Foliage

    Free Foliage

    Looking for a cute last-minute idea for your escort cards? Look no further than the foliage that is plentiful this time of year.

  • Brisk Beverages

    Brisk Beverages

    The brisk temperature mean you can have a beer canoe without worrying about anything getting warm. 

    Photo Credit: Ashley Davenport

  • Just Right

    Just Right

    Summer is too hot, winter is too cold... autumn is the perfect time for an entirely outdoor wedding.

  • Crazy for Plaid

    Crazy for Plaid

    Throw a few plaid blankets over the backs of your chairs and your guests will be warm and chic!

  • Bonfire, Baby

    Bonfire, Baby

    Nothing is better than a bonfire... except maybe a wedding night bonfire.

    Photo Credit: A Lovely Photo

  • The Original Cheese Cake

    The Original Cheese Cake

    If your sweet tooth isn't strong, go for a cheese wheel cake. Bonus with an outdoor wedding in the fall? No stinky cheese.

    Photo Credit: Claire Thomson

  • Stay Cozy

    Stay Cozy

    Fear not the cool temps; a chic sweater over your dress is ridiculously cute.

25 Reasons to Love an Outdoor Fall Wedding

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