50 Stunning Receptions That'll Make You Swoon

Ceremonies may have all the tender moments, but receptions have all the fun — and amazing décor. While nuptials provide a hint at what's to come in regards to wedding style, the reception is really where your vision comes to life. From industrial venues and Tuscan-inspired settings to botanical beauty and vibrant details, we've rounded up some of the most breathtaking reception areas to get you inspired. Trust us — we could spend all day looking at them, and you will, too.

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • Enchanted Barn

    Enchanted Barn

    A rustic forest-inspired look in a stone barn has an utterly enchanting effect.

    Photo Credit: Kikitography

  • Vibrant Whimsy

    Vibrant Whimsy

    Colorful and whimsical, this campside barnyard wedding is full of charm, complete with fairy lights, an Edison bulb chandelier, and pop of turquoise.

  • Natural Minimalism

    Natural Minimalism

    A clear tent helps bring the outdoors indoors with a light and airy feel. Crystal chandeliers and gauzy fabric cascading across the ceiling infuse a bit of elegance.

    Photo Credit: Brittany Mahood

  • Botanical Goodness

    Botanical Goodness

    Floor-to-ceiling plants are enough to fulfill any bride's botanical dreams. A venue overflowing with greenery makes a subtly beautiful statement.

    Photo Credit: Free the Bird

  • European Luxe

    European Luxe

    An intimate al fresco reception in a picturesque setting takes on European luxe, with foliage inspired by the country’s taste for terraces and gardens. Dripping greenery with hanging pendants makes for a dreamy overhang.

  • Warm and Cozy

    Warm and Cozy

    Copper accents, glowing candles, and an eccentric chandelier bring some cozy warmth to this industrial reception space.

  • Fit For a Queen

    Fit For a Queen

    Grand, lavish, opulent — this gold space is fit for a princess bride. Ornate details channel romance and Marie Antoinette vibes.

    Photo Credit: Ashley Ludaescher / Wedding Planner: A Very Beloved Wedding

  • Simple Beauty

    Simple Beauty

    A minimalist reception area with white linens and simple centerpieces magnifies the decadence of the surrounding outdoors.

  • Just Beachy

    Just Beachy

    It doesn't take much to enhance the natural beauty of the beach — mix-and-match wooden chairs and tables and string lighting are all you need.

  • Island Dreams

    Island Dreams

    Seriously, what's dreamier than a Bali cliffside reception? Geometric lanterns, lush greenery, and soft florals are the perfect complement to such a stunning setting.

    Photo Credit: Samm Blake Weddings

  • Castle Magic

    Castle Magic

    This magically glam reception area is full of bewitching details, taking some non-cliché inspiration from the Harry Potter series. Stone castle walls and overgrown botanicals are a dream backdrop to the moody romance laid out before it.

    Photo Credit: Nirav Patel / Event Planning + Design: Crosby + Jon / Venue: Hollywood Castle / Rentals: Archive Rentals 

  • Desert Inspired

    Desert Inspired

    Exposed stones, succulent plants, and cactus accents combine against a white stucco venue for some desert feels.

    Photo Credit: Raquel Benito

  • Charming Garden

    Charming Garden

    A ceiling of thick foliage and twinkle lights has an alluring effect over neutral reception tables for some garden glam.

    Photo Credit: Jose Villa

  • Futuristic Fairytale

    Futuristic Fairytale

    This surreal wedding reception of grays, pinks, and metallics transports one to another world, with modern, almost futuristic décor and one dramatic ceiling chandelier.

    Photo Credit: Konstantin Semenikhin

  • Boho Barn

    Boho Barn

    Wooden rafters and a macramé backdrop have a bohemian rustic feel for a low-key reception. We love a U-shaped table layout, which makes this barn feel more open.

    Photo Credit: Rivkah Fine Art

  • Bright and Colorful

    Bright and Colorful

    Vivid jewel tones and surrounding lush greenery make for a reception that is bright, bold, and beautiful.

  • Modern Minimalism

    Modern Minimalism

    Modern minimalism looks beautiful in the stark contrast of white details and dark wood, creating an intimate environment with a dinner-party style.

  • Elegant Barn

    Elegant Barn

    Gauzy linens and sparkling chandeliers bring a dash of glamour to a classic rustic barn setting with wooden details and baby's breath.

  • Ranch Style

    Ranch Style

    Spanish-style décor adds complementary beauty to an outdoor ranch reception. Rich colors of cobalt, fuchsia, sapphire, and gold bring dramatic details and luxe romance.

  • Industrial Vibes

    Industrial Vibes

    An industrial factory setting gives this reception space a unique spin with brick walls and pillars. Its raw, weathered feel is cleverly juxtaposed with white tables and bold accents.

    Photo Credit: Carla Penoncelli

  • Rustic Glam

    Rustic Glam

    A mesmerizing canopy of twinkling lights makes a statement in this rustic glam reception, setting a romantic ambiance while allowing the stars to shine through.

    Photo Credit: Diktat Photography

  • Neutral and Natural

    Neutral and Natural

    Whites, creams, and greens create a neutral color palette inspired by nature for a stunning reception that looks out at the bliss of the sea.

    Photo Credit: Elias Kordelakos / Wedding Planner: The12Events

  • Eclectic Feel

    Eclectic Feel

    Mismatched chairs add a punch of color and personality for an eclectic vibe.

    Photo Credit: EPlove Photography

  • Earthy Ambiance

    Earthy Ambiance

    Natural textures and earthy vibes combine for a rustically bohemian setting with a hint of glam. Dark woods, gilded accents, foliage, and an amber glow are completely swoonworthy.

    Photo Credit: B. Matthews Creative / Wedding Planner: Ninth and Everett / Venue: Meadow Hill Farm

  • Tuscan Style

    Tuscan Style

    Beautiful long tables decorated in simplicity with green and gold, set against a villa backdrop, fulfills every Tuscan dream.

    Photo Credit: Nastja Kovacec

  • Chic and Sophisticated

    Chic and Sophisticated

    Gold accents and towering centerpieces of lush greenery set the tone for a chic, modern, and sophisticated wedding.

    Photo Credit: Lara Hotz

  • Charming Al Fresco

    Charming Al Fresco

    Full of hillside charm, this reception is rich in simplicity. Centerpieces of fresh florals are all these round tables need to perk up.

  • Vintage Flair

    Vintage Flair

    A tented reception has a backyard garden feel coupled with vintage vibes, thanks to a blend of greenery, trunk suitcases, and old-fashioned photobooth.

    Photo Credit: All Grown Up Weddings

  • Summer Solstice

    Summer Solstice

    This whimsical outdoor reception is summertime fine, with bistro and icicle-like lighting interspersed with dangling dreamcatchers.

    Photo Credit: Braedon Photography

  • Modern Elegance

    Modern Elegance

    A white barn brings modern elegance to a typically rustic venue, evoking a light and spacious feel. And we can’t get enough of this amazing ceiling installation of hanging cherry blossom branches and glass bulbs.

    Photo Credit: Jose Villa

  • Fairytale Dreams

    Fairytale Dreams

    Blush linens and a dreamy ceiling of cascading fabric and greenery combine with stone walls for a fairytale effect.

    Photo Credit: Julia Kaptelova

  • Modern Meets Old World

    Modern Meets Old World

    Acrylic chairs and geometric pendant chandeliers bring a contemporary twist to an outdoor setting that screams old world romance. And just look at that picturesque mountain view!

    Photo Credit: Brian Saculles

  • Jewel Tone Madness

    Jewel Tone Madness

    Multi-toned wood paneling boasting shelves of organics have a modern look that pops in rich decadence.

    Photo Credit: Rima Brindamour

  • Desert Setting

    Desert Setting

    Barren has never looked as beautiful as this reception set smack in the middle of the desert. Who needs décor when you have a rocky landscape around you as the perfect backdrop? Miniature succulent centerpieces add just the right touch.

    Photo Credit: Rad and in Love

  • Natural Beauty

    Natural Beauty

    A neutral and natural palette of white and lush foliage is all this stunning outdoor space needs.

    Photo Credit: Anna Kim Photography

  • Courtyard Romance

    Courtyard Romance

    Dark with romantic lighting, this gorgeous courtyard is set up for a family dinner party feel, complete with luscious greenery, a cozy faux fur blanket over the sweetheart chair, and charming cobblestones.

    Photo Credit: Cassidy Parker Smith

  • Chic Outdoors

    Chic Outdoors

    Jewel tones of raspberry and navy, coupled with gilded accents, lend this reception a chic, moody touch.

    Photo Credit: Ashley Keleman

  • French Country

    French Country

    A ladder adorned with greenery and suspended glass globes make for a charming overhang in a French country-style wedding.

    Photo Credit: Hunter Ryan Photo

  • Mediterranean Twist

    Mediterranean Twist

    A ceiling that twinkles like stars overlooks hanging florals in an industrial rustic table setting that comes alive with unexpected lime green and turquoise hues inspired by the Mediterranean.

    Photo Credit: Ali & Paul Photography

  • Café Style

    Café Style

    Set on a balcony framed with leafy pillars and a canopy, a naked table, runner, and bistro chairs come together for a café-like feel.

    Photo Credit: Sandra Åberg Photography / Wedding Planner: A Very Beloved Wedding

  • Casual Elegance

    Casual Elegance

    An open tent holds a gorgeous reception of casual elegance, mimicking the class and style of a Tuscan-inspired wedding.

    Photo Credit: Brumley & Wells

  • Timeless Touches

    Timeless Touches

    Powder blue linens, garden florals, and a white tented canopy combine for a romantic outdoor reception that will stand the test of time.

    Photo Credit: Julia Kaptelova

  • Palm Springs Affair

    Palm Springs Affair

    Citrus details complement the surrounding desert landscape, combining for a Palm Springs-inspired look.

    Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

  • Nighttime Ambiance

    Nighttime Ambiance

    Warm lighting and draped foliage set the mood for ethereal elegance. Coupled with a translucent tent that mirrors the night sky, this space is like a midsummer night's dream.

    Photo Credit: Dan O'Day

  • Bold Details

    Bold Details

    Cobalt blue bursts against a white and oak setting for a bold statement.

    Photo Credit: Redfield Photography

  • Feminine Feel

    Feminine Feel

    Sweet and feminine, this cheerful reception rife with delicate pastel details is just breathtaking.

    Photo Credit: Amy & Jordan

  • Preppy and Whimsical

    Preppy and Whimsical

    Preppy meets whimsy with a striped runner and classic palette of white, gold, and navy combined with a unique reception set-up and eccentric chandeliers.

  • Campside Fun

    Campside Fun

    Wooden tables and ceiling garlands of ribbon in this tented reception are playfully rustic, creating a bohemian campside atmosphere.

    Photo Credit: Mark Pacura

  • Plantation Setting

    Plantation Setting

    A backdrop of soft Spanish moss is all this reception needs for some good old-fashioned Southern charm.

  • Moody Romance

    Moody Romance

    Moody industrial romance is written all over this autumn set-up, marked by gorgeous blooms in shades of burgundy and deep orange and indigo hued crystal glasses to suspended Edison lightbulbs and marsala tapers.

    Photo Credit: Figtree Pictures

50 Stunning Receptions That'll Make You Swoon

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