Never-Been-Seen Memorable Ideas for Your Reception

Personalize your wedding reception with these unique ideas!

bride and groom wedding reception sign
Photo: The Sanadas via HoneyFitz Events

Create a customized bar menu. "Some of our favorite ways of creating special wedding reception moments that guests will remember for years to come is by finding unique ways to incorporate your personality into the reception. If you're a big fan of craft beer or cocktails, why not create a customized menu of your favorite options to share with your favorite people? Go all out with a personalized statement bar that will double as a photo backdrop. We also love when couples incorporate vignettes into the venue with custom backdrops and fun furniture and props that create wow moments as guests walk into the reception — they also double as a fun way to keep guests entertained!" —HoneyFitz Events

wedding reception bar
Photo: The Sanadas via HoneyFitz Events

Add in a little nostalgia. "Sometimes the most fun receptions are those that remind you of childhood! From nerf gun wars to arm wrestling competitions to bouncy houses, everything is an option. You will be surprised how much guests will let loose and enjoy the nostalgic fun. In addition, you can bet that your reception will stay memorable for years to come. You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money to be unique." —Nora Sheils, Founder Bridal Bliss + Co-Founder Rock Paper Coin

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Have an original song written and played. "Multiple scientific studies have shown that music helps us create new, lasting, and more vivid memories. Imagine how much more memorable having an original song written just for your wedding will be! At Heartsongs Music, we help our clients create unforgettable, transcendent moments at their wedding through the ultra-personal experience of writing and recording an original love song just for them. Whether it's as a first dance, toast, or send-off, a "Heartsong" is a beautiful, unique way to create a truly unforgettable memory. We share this with all our brides: years from now, you won't remember how your wedding looked, but you'll remember how it felt. Your own personal song that tells your love story at your wedding creates an unforgettable feeling you can revisit for years to come." —Rebekah Powell, Founder, Heartsongs Music

Add a personalized crest or monogram to all of your details. "Embroider your crest or monogram on all the details! Think cocktail napkins, seat covers, jackets, and even blankets for those outdoor cool fall weddings." —Colleen, The Handkerchief Shop

handkerchief shoip
Photo: Love Me Do Photography via The Handkerchief Shop

Create a way to honor friends and family that couldn't be there. "Many couples opt to recognize close friends or family who have passed in some sort of 'memoriam' display to pay homage to loved ones who have helped shape them as a couple who may not be physically present, though it can sometimes feel a bit 'heavy.' A recent couple opted to design a deeply personalized and beautiful 'Ofrenda' as a creative alternative to the standard memory table. An Ofrenda is part of Mexican culture's Day of the Dead celebration and is a colorful and personalized altar space honoring loved ones that have passed — acknowledging them both physically and spiritually in an effort to stimulate joy over sorrow. Truly the perfect accent to such a joyous occasion as a wedding." —Alexandra Denniston, Owner & Lead Planner, Eventlightenment Planning

Go all in for your late-night party. "Go big on the late night! Our clients met in college and traveled the world together prior to their wedding, and they wanted to create something big for the guests to remember at the end of the night. Guests were enamored, and they not only loved the live talent, but they participated in it as well." —Amy Abbott, Amy Abbott Events

wedding entertainment

wedding entertainment

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