35 Delicious Desserts from Real Weddings

Add some extra sweetness beyond your wedding cake. From creamy ice cream to delectable donuts, we’ve compiled 35 of our favorite desserts from real wedding receptions.

By: Emily Goldman

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  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar

    Ice Cream Sundae Bar

    Why have one scoop of ice cream when you can have an entire sundae? 

    Photo: Lars Wanberg/Withers Wanberg Pictures

  • Cultural Delights

    Cultural Delights

    Oreshki, a Russian cookie baked in a walnut mold and filled with dulce de leche, is a cultural, and sure to be guest, favorite.

    Photo: Pasha Belman Photography

  • Vanilla Bean Mini Bundt Cakes

    Vanilla Bean Mini Bundt Cakes

    Guests will love homemade vanilla bean Bundt cakes with vanilla bean frosting, with dairy-free options available for their vegan family and friends.

    Photo: Julie Nicole Photography

  • Monogrammed Cookies

    Monogrammed Cookies

    Sugar cookies are fun, but adding your new initials makes them even sweeter.

    Photo Credit: Polly Alexandre

  • Mini Parfaits

    Mini Parfaits

    Mini parfaits are the perfect mini treat for guests.

    Photo: Josh Lynn Photography

  • Hard Candy

    Hard Candy

    Give guests something to suck on during the reception toasts. 

    Photo Credit: Ace Photography

  • Basketball Groom

    Basketball Groom's Cake

    Give a nod to the couple with this fun cake that showcases their hobbies.

    Photo: Scobey Photography

  • Cupcake Tower

    Cupcake Tower

    With a variety of flavors to choose from, a cupcake tower that serves as a party favor!

    Photo: Phoebe Neel – Ephemera Designs 

  • Key Lime Pie

    Key Lime Pie

    Sweet and sour never looked cuter!

    Photo Credit: Brett Matthews Photography

  • Cookie Bar

    Cookie Bar

    Why have one option when you can give guests a selection of carefully curated couple cookies?

    Photo: Abby Rose Photo

  • Crepe Cake/ Kue Lapis Cake

    Crepe Cake/ Kue Lapis Cake

    Give guests a taste of a different culture, with a traditional Indonesian Kue Lapis – a cake made from thin layers of pumpkin and chocolate.

    Photo: Brian Rose

  • Vegan Cakes

    Vegan Cakes

    Give the vegans in your lives something to choose from with a mini, side option like these vanilla cakes.

    Photo: Julie Nicole Photography

  • Rock Candy

    Rock Candy

    Blue rock-candy lollipops, with a hand-stamped label make a customizable, fun dessert.

    Photo: Meg Hamilton of Rodeo and Co.

  • Kool Aid

    Kool Aid

    Who said treats had to be solid? Sip on something sweet like Kool Aid.

    Photo: Timecut Photography

  • Options Galore

    Options Galore

    A dessert bar with mini cakes, cookies, chocolates, tarts, and French macarons gives guests many options.

    Photo: Ari Simphoukham Photography

  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    Offer guests something salty and sweet like chocolate covered pretzels.

    Photo: Erin Johnson Photography

  • Alternative Cakes

    Alternative Cakes

    Instead of a traditional wedding cake, or in addition to, have a cake made in the shape of something (or somewhere) special to you as a couple. 

    Photo: Nick Brown Photography

  • Persian Desserts

    Persian Desserts

    Stay true to your roots with desserts from your heritage. 

    Photo: Will Pursell Photography

  • Chocolate Fountain

    Chocolate Fountain

    Chocolate-lovers rejoice! Give guests the gift of chocolate dipping and let them have the time of their lives.

    Photo: Dana Lane Photography

  • Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry Shortcake

    Keep things short and sweet – like strawberry shortcakes served in small mason jars.

    Photo: Tomasz Wagner

  • Cookies


    Give out cookies from your favorite bakery. 

    Photo: Mike Peyzner and Natasha Valik of Choco Studio Photography

  • Wedding Lollipops

    Wedding Lollipops

    Feel like a kid again with cute, striped lollipops. 

    Photo: Nadia D Photography

  • Candy Apples

    Candy Apples

    Perfect for a fall wedding, give guests the gift of candied fruit!

    Photo: Ashley Photographer

  • Pastries


    This wedding featured bananas fosters and a pastries table for guests to enjoy. 

    Photo: Dana Lane Photography

  • Customized Candy Bars

    Customized Candy Bars

    A great party favor, and treat!                             

    Photo: Three Nails Photography

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Dark chocolate eclairs, dark and white chocolate drizzled pain au chocolat, oreo mousse Verrine, tuxedo dipped strawberries, and black and white French chocolate macaroons are all amazing options.

    Photo: Chard Photography

  • Macaroons


    For something colorful and sweet, give guests macaroons. 

    Photo: Pexels

  • Sugar Cookies

    Sugar Cookies

    Perfect for the kiddo’s, and Halloween!

    Photo: Carmen Ash Photography

  • Fruit Salad

    Fruit Salad

    A healthy alternative, give guests the option of sweet fruits!

    Photo: Acqua Photo

  • Milk & Cookies

    Milk & Cookies

    This dessert classic will win you some major bonus points with guests.

    Photo: Kirstyn Marie Photography

  • Cake Pops

    Cake Pops

    Bite-sized and super sweet, cake pops make a perfect treat!

    Photo: John Yao

  • Candied Almonds

    Candied Almonds

    Some protein with a side of sugar, please!

    Photo: Anna Roussos

  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    Whether homemade or lactose-free, ice cream is a smile guarantee.

    Photo: Shawna Yarbrough & Damion Hamilton

  • Sweets Table

    Sweets Table

    From classic candy bars to M&M's, a sweets table is a colorful, no-brainer way to make everyone happy.

    Photo: Cody Burgess

  • Jamming


    Homemade jam is the perfect DIY wedding favor-meets-snack for summer nuptials.

    Photo: Choco Studio

35 Delicious Desserts from Real Weddings

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