9 Fresh Ideas for Your First Look

The first look can be one of the most special moments of your wedding day. Whether you and your partner choose a tear-jerking emotional unveiling or a comedic joy-filled moment, take your milestone to the next level with these ideas. 

Comedic Relief

Break the tension and calm your wedding-day nerves by pulling a little prank with your first look. This bride found a funny shirt in a tourist shop a few days before the wedding and knew it'd put a smile on her groom's face. "Zach was stunned, laughed, and then said 'this is exactly why I am marrying her,'" recalls their photographer, Stacy Sullivan of Set Free Photography.

Funny wedding first look

Funny wedding first look
Photo: Set Free Photography

Take it to the next level by wearing a full costume — like this inflatable T-Rex that never gets old!

Trex costume wedding first look

Trex costume wedding first look

Trex costume wedding first look
Photo: Michael Freas Photography

The Switch

Pull a switcheroo and send out the best man for the first look — in a wedding gown of his own.

Groom and groomsman first look

Groom and groomsman first look
Photo: Emily Lynn Photo

Share the Moment

Turn your first look into a special moment with your parents. "Neither of their parents had a formal wedding, and it was very important to them to incorporate both parents into every part of their day. The first look was with the groom and both fathers, while the bride and both mothers walked to them," explains their photographer, Justine Cunningham of Justine & Wayne.

Wedding first look with parents

Wedding first look with parents

Wedding first look with parents

Wedding first look with parents
Photo: Justine & Wayne

First Look with Family

If you and your spouse-to-be are dead set on not seeing each other before the ceremony, that doesn't mean you can't still have a first look — you just need to choose someone else to share the moment with! This bride chose her mom:

Wedding first look with mom
Photo: Frozen Exposure Photo & Cinema

And this bride shared the moment with her dad:

Wedding first look with dad

Wedding first look with dad
Photo: Bend the Light Photography

You can also have a first look with your bridesmaids.

Wedding first look with bridesmaids
Photo: Meredith Perdue

The Non-Reveal

If you crave spending time together before the ceremony but still want to save the "big reveal" for the walk down the aisle, blindfold your groom! Being together before the ceremony without seeing each other will amp up the anticipation for your walk down the aisle. 

Blindfolded wedding first look
Photo: Kaitlyn Blake Photography

Musical Interlude

Add an extra element of surprise by showcasing your talents — like writing a song for your beloved to reveal right before you see each other for the first time.

Wedding first look with guitar
Photo: Benj Haisch

Or use the art of the written word to express your feelings to each other.

Letter exchange before wedding first look
Photo: Megan Vaughan Photography

Family Moment

If either of you already have children, turn your first look into a special moment that showcases the blending of your families. 

Family first look
Photo: Ama Photography & Cinema

Incorporate Props

Boost the fun factor by including a prop in your reveal, like a bunch of balloons. 

Balloon release wedding first look
Photo: Michael Segal Photography

Elevate the Surprise

The anticipation before the big reveal is what makes the first look moment so much fun. Increase that feeling even more by taking advantage of the elevators in your hotel or venue — start on separate floors, and meet on a floor number that holds significance for you. 

Wedding first look in an elevator
Photo: Ashley Victoria Photography

No elevator? Use a mirror — just imagine the anticipation building as you wait to see your beloved's reflection approaching!

Mirror wedding first look
Photo: Juancho SC Photography via P3 Events