5 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Reception Playlist

Get your guests (and yourself!) dancing all night long with these tips from Malike Adigun aka DJ Malike.

wedding dance floor
Photo: Ellie Asher Photography via Bridal Bliss + Rock Paper Coin

1. Infuse personal touches and storytelling. "Recall those songs that you played on repeat during your high school car rides with friends. Share the songs you lost your voice to singing at all your favorite concerts. Think of those music moments that transport you to vacation mode or make you to dance. These songs create the soundtrack of your life and will bring all your favorite people on the dance floor with you!"

2. Incorporate your culture. "Infuse your playlist with songs that resonate with your roots and heritage. These are the tunes that will have your aunties and grandmas celebrating alongside you, adding depth and authenticity to your wedding reception experience."

3. Know your 'do not play' list. "Steer clear of songs that make you cringe or feel out of place at your wedding. Keep your playlist free from cheesy songs that will make you want to sit down."

4. Allow a few trusted guests to speak into the playlist. "As a DJ, when a friend has spoken into our client's playlist and we get to surprise them with a favorite they forgot about, it lights up the couple in a whole new way."

5. Empower your DJ's creativity. "Select a DJ whose artistic vision aligns with your dream dance floor. Provide them with a glimpse into your musical preferences, allowing them to weave together a playlist that exceeds your expectations."