The Perfect Cocktail & Dessert Pairings for Your Wedding

Keep guests feeling refreshed and treated to the best of the best with these delectable pairings.

summer wedding cocktails
Photo: Jennifer Trinidad Photography
via Feathered Arrow Events

Try an alcohol infused sorbet to combine your cocktail and dessert! "Combine the dessert with the cocktail and offer an alcohol-infused sorbet, which is amazing for a hot day. We've included blackberry cabernet, peach sangria, and piña colada with rum. As everything is with weddings, presentation is key, so plan to incorporate beautiful glassware, festive dessert trays, and personalized cocktail and dessert napkins along with your display." —Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design

Serve up something local. "We are loving sangria flights offered to your guests during cocktail hour. They come in three kinds — rose, white, and red — all paired with summer fruit on a lovely tray. Sangria is a refreshing summer cocktail your guests will sip on and enjoy. For dessert, we have a 'Taste of Rhode Island' dessert spread, and it covers all the unique desserts here in Rhode Island — one being our frozen lemonade, Del's. Paired with some vodka and a pretzel, it's a crowd favorite." —Erica Trombetti, Infinite Events

Espresso martini + vanilla bean cupcakes. "Add an extra layer of fun and interest to your cocktail hour or dessert hour with some creative combinations of cocktails and desserts. Our best recommendations for 2022 would include espresso martinis with a twist possibly of vanilla bean." —Falvey

Coconut margarita + piña colada cake. "Whisk your guests away to a tropical island oasis with fresh coconut margaritas and a piña colada-inspired cake. Tropical flavors just seem to taste better on a warm summer day, so this is the perfect pairing to treat your guests." —AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director, AJ Events

Champagne + stonefruit. "Champagne goes with everything, so my defense rests there. Champagne, a Bellini, or some other cocktail that is made with bubbles will always have my vote. As for dessert? Stonefruit is always so great in late summer — if you're a peach lover, now is the time to indulge." —Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

wedding couple
Photo: Jennifer Trinidad Photography via Feathered Arrow Events

Chilled wine + strawberry shortcake. "Whenever I think of a summer cocktail hour menu, I always gravitate towards a cold glass of white wine, rosé, or classic chilled champagne. Paired with something light and fluffy like an angel food cake or strawberry shortcake,  it's always a crowd pleaser. Guests are just starting to cool from a generally warmer ceremony, so finding a refreshing drink and pairing it with a lighter dessert is key." —Kari Dirksen, CEO + Lead Planner, Feathered Arrow Events

Classic margarita + paloma cupcakes. "Bring in the summer zest with a margarita offered next to paloma cupcakes with lime, citrus, and tequila." —Falvey

French 75 + lemon mousse cake. "The classic French 75 cocktail made with gin, champagne, lemon juice, sugar, and a lemon garnish is one of our favorite summer wedding drinks. It pairs well with wedding cake made with buttercream frostings, or to stick with the citrus theme, we love mini lemon mousse desserts for guests. So refreshing, pretty, and delicious!" —Melissa Wilmot, Founder & CEO, WedBrilliant

Bourbon + s’mores. "For later in the evening, I'm also a huge fan of couples who have s'mores stations for their guests, which can pair well with a bourbon or whisky drink." —Dirksen

Aperol spritz + citrus sorbet. "Serve up something refreshing, like a classic Aperol spritz and a selection of citrus sorbets in flavors like blood orange, grapefruit, or tangerine. Nothing screams summer like citrus, and this combo is perfect for staying cool and refreshed.” —Williams