Sentimental Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Party & Parents

Show your attendants and your parents how much they mean to you with a meaningful gift idea!

Wedding Party

bridesmaids getting ready robes
Photo: Mioara Dragan Photography 

PJs for getting ready. "Your bridesmaids will love these, and it'll make for cute pictures together." —Carrie Negri, Emily Coyne Events

Monogrammed robes. "Pamper your bridesmaids with elegant, personalized robes they can wear while getting ready." —Anastasia Shevchenko, Sheff Production Photography & Videography

Eye masks. "These are great for prepping skin on the wedding day." —Negri

Perfume boxes. "Present your bridesmaids with elegant perfume boxes for a touch of luxury and appreciation." — Shevchenko

Monogrammed candles. “"Who wouldn’t want a chic monogrammed candle?" —Negri

Jewelry with birthstones. "Select jewelry pieces that feature each bridesmaid's birthstone for a personal touch." —Shevchenko

Personalized claw clips. "Claw clips aren’t going out of style anytime soon, so treat your bridesmaids to a custom option." —Negri

“I’m a Flower Girl” activity books. "These are great for keeping your flower girls occupied on the wedding day in between events of the day." —Negri

Personalized tote bags. “Totes are not only practical but can also be customized with their names.” —Shevchenko


"For Happy Tears" embroidered handkerchief. "Perfect for the mother of the bride or mother of the groom!” —Negri

Live artist painting a scene from the wedding. "Parents will cherish this!" —Negri

Custom painted champagne bottle. "This is a great sentimental keepsake." —Negri

Scented candles with parents' names. "A beautifully scented candle engraved with the word 'Mother' or 'Mom' can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, making it a sentimental and thoughtful gift.”  —Shevchenko

"Forever Your Little Girl" handkerchief. "This is great for the father of the bride!" —Carrie Negri, Emily Coyne Events

Family recipe book. "Collect family recipes and create a special cookbook to pass down traditions." —Shevchenko

Personalized frame with a wedding or engagement photo. Framed wedding or engagement photos are always a good idea." —Negri

Monogrammed old fashioned glass. "We love this option for the father of the bride or father of the groom." —Negri

Handwritten napkins. "Provide personalized napkins with heartwarming handwritten notes." —Shevchenko

Custom golf ball stamp. "This is a fun one that dads love!" —Negri