Tuscany-Themed Bridal Shower

Magically transport your guests to the rolling countryside of Tuscany with these "la vita è bella" ideas.

Bride-to-be Laura vowed to visit Tuscany one day with her husband after watching the film Under The Tuscan Sun. Bridal shower hosts — including planner Lina Wallace, her mom, mother-in-law, and bridal party — dedicated her party to this idyllic, must-visit destination. "I was told when and where the shower was going to happen, but that was it...I was so excited when I arrived. It was so beautiful, I felt they had brought a little piece of Tuscany to me!" said Laura.

Awed guests took in the citrus color scheme, sunflower place settings and centerpieces that included lemons from the maid of honor’s garden. "My planner, Lina, was so wonderfully detailed in her designs—she got everything down, from the Italian music in the background to the pizza stones that the food was served on," said Laura.

The ladies sipped on peach Bellinis and were treated to the bride’s favorite dessert, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. When it was time to open gifts, one aunt’s present made all the guests erupt in a fit of laughter: a "lady" made of kitchen items (an iron for the body, mop for the hair, and apron for her dress).

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