Cowgirl-Themed Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Rodeo in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Bride Melissa Copson left her normal lifestyle back at home and took on a crazy new role for her bachelorette party: Cowgirl! A girl scout for most of her adolescent life, "I've always had a love of the outdoors, nature and horses," she said. The Malibu Dude Ranch offered all those things, including a chateau home for her girlfriends to 'bunk' together, just like the good ole days of scouting ("of course, with much more adult debauchery").

Fifteen guests attended the three-day hoedown, including her Mom, MIL, sister-in-laws, and best girlfriends. ("I'm very blessed to have a core group of girlfriends that have experienced my life, growth, and change with me since childhood," the bride said.)

Her favorite moment: During a lake excursion, the bride laughed so hard she couldn't even row the boat at one point. They also went line dancing at the local saloon that Saturday night. "We tried to fit in with the honkey-tonk dances, but once we began requesting 'our' songs, it was all over! We danced into the wee early hours of the morning," Copson recalled.

Photos by Appletini Photography & Design.

Party Essentials:

  • Venue: The Malibu Dude Ranch.
  • Décor: DIY tin can/burlap and rope decorations. They splurged on personalized T-shirts and bandannas for each girl. The image of the rope that says “Copson” (the bride's last name) was made using rope and glue mix.

— Stefania Sainato

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