5 Fun Engagement Celebration Ideas

Planning an engagement party for your newly-engaged daughter or son? Try one of these fun ideas!

Surprise Party

Maybe the couple has kept mum about the engagement so that they can announce it in person to their beloved friends and family members. Ask if they'd want to surprise guests with the big news at an engagement party! Invite everyone to the celebration but keep mum about what it's all about. The couple's big reveal can be as simple as an announcement or as elaborate as creating a movie re-enacting the proposal.

Start by hinting at the wedding palette by choosing flowers and (yummy!) favors in the same color family. Announce the news in grand fashion — a big toast always works well — and provide delicious edibles you plan on serving on the big day, but in pint-size portions!

Photos courtesy Kenzie Shores Photography, Giraffe Photography and Rachel McGinn.

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