8 Bridal Shower Ideas

Want to throw a memorable party for the bride? Get inspired by these traditional and not-so-traditional options.

The Lingerie Shower

Description: At this specialty shower, the bride gets to create or upgrade her lingerie collection, with silk, lace, thongs, teddies, camisoles and other accoutrements for her saucier side. Since no one wants to offend the bride by guessing her size, and since many guests will want to give the bride her choice of lingerie and a guilt-free shopping spree (which could be the best gift possible!), let guests know on an insert in the invitation or in your e-invite that gift cards are accepted and encouraged.

Decor: Make it a romantic or sexy boudoir setting by changing the curtains to a lavish pink or red, and drape boas or silk fabrics on tables and countertops. Add flickering scented pillar or votive candles, rose petals on the table and thick floral centerpieces with color-coordinating variations of pink or red blooms. Create your own sexy playlist to set the mood for this themed party.

Menu: Standard buffet party fare or set up several melted chocolate fondue pots surrounded by cubes of fruit, angel food cake, pound cake, even carrot cake. Buy or make frosted cookies in the shapes of stilettos or bras! Don’t forget the chocolate-covered strawberries and apricots, with plenty of fresh whipped cream.

Drinks: Sexy drinks are on call for this party, so serve bright martinis and cosmopolitans, or choose R-rated named cocktails like the Orgasm and Sex on the Beach. Dress up cocktail glasses with themed ice cubes in shoe and bra shapes, saving those phallic party props for the bachelorette party. Even though this is a sexy shower, keep your decor and accents on the sexy side without crossing over into raunchy—especially if you have moms, aunts, grandmoms and the bride’s tamer friends are on the guest list.

Games: If you’d like to go racy, have a "fake orgasm contest" where contestants put on their best "moaning in ecstasy" performances, then the rest of the guests vote for the winner. Or play a round of "name that quote" from a sexy movie. Or read aloud anonymous "tips" written down by shower guests for keeping the spice in the relationship and having a hot sex life. While no one’s guessing who said it, guests love the fact that it could have been Grandma suggesting showering together on the weekends!

Favors: Chocolate made in the shapes of shoes, handcuffs, angels, devils or roses; CDs of romantic music, gift books on romance, sex, and love; The Kama Sutra; baskets of romantic goodies like chocolates, massage oils, feathers and romantic music CDs; sexy-themed movie DVDs, stripping how-to DVDs; guidebooks on massage for lovers; imprinted panties in a range of sizes; perfumes; massage oil kits. If the bride wishes to register at Victoria’s Secret, you can stock up on VS lip glosses, glitter powders, lotions and other inexpensive pampering treats as favors or game prizes.

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Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret