9 Common Marriage Problems (and Solutions!) for Newlyweds

Your love may be rock-solid, but early married life can be earthquake-prone. Here, nine surprising shake-ups-plus how to keep your feet on the ground.

Gripe #9: Are we the only couple who argues all the time?

The scenario:
Cindy and Paul had had a few spats as a couple before they wed. But the vehemence of their first marital disagreement took them both by surprise. Someone hadn't been keeping track of ATM transactions, playing havoc with their checking account. Next they disagreed about a political issue. A week later, they couldn't come to terms on which sofa to buy.

Did their marriage measure up? Other couples rarely seemed to disagree.

couple arguing
Photo by: Jade Alana on Bridal Musings via Lover.ly

Expert advice:
The truth is that the presence of intermittent arguments is not necessarily negative, says McGraw. In fact, it can relieve tension. It's far better to speak your mind and gets things off your chest than seethe silently.

"It's not whether you fight or not," notes McGraw. "It's how you do it and, more importantly, how you end it."

Fight fairly — don't assassinate his character when it's the sofa you hate — and always treat each other with dignity and respect. Make a point of balancing that checkbook. And look forward to the makeup sex!




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