5 Special Wedding Roles for Your Grandma

If you're lucky enough to have your grandma with you, she likely holds a special place in your heart — yet she doesn’t tend to have a special place within the traditional wedding roles. Honor the relationship you have with your grandmother and make her feel special on your wedding day with one of these unique ideas.

Flower Girl

One of our favorite twists we've seen is grandmothers taking on the role of flower girl. It’s unexpected and guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Grandma flower girls
Photo: Genevieve Leiper

Grandma flower girl
Photo: Little Rascal Studio

Grandma flower girl
Photo: Thomas Felts Photography

Family Recipe

Is your grandma known for her secret meatball recipe? Ask if she’ll share it with your caterer – or even cook it herself – so that everyone can indulge in your favorite family recipe on your big day. Plus, maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll include a copy of her secret recipe in your wedding gift!

Mini meatball subs at wedding
Photo: C. Baron Photography

Something Borrowed

Vintage-inspired accessories continue to dominate the runways, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. If your grandma still has her wedding veil, wearing hers is a wonderful way to honor your family history.

Grandma wedding veil
Photo: Amber J. Photography

Or see if she’ll lend you a special piece of jewelry. Even if it doesn’t fit or isn’t quite your style, you can always incorporate it into your bouquet.

Grandmas wristwatch wrapped around bridal bouquet
Photo: Ladeda Fine Art Photography

Special Dance

Your wedding may already feel inundated with special dances, but we have a feeling no one will mind sitting through this one. Give the groom a designated dance with one of his grandparents, or the bride a dance with hers – or invite all the grandparents out on the dance floor and spend some special time with each of them.

Grandparents special dance at wedding
Photo: Choco Studio

If you’re lucky enough to have grandparents who are both still alive and married, honor them by playing their wedding song and inviting them to share a special dance by themselves.

Grandparents wedding dance
Photo: David Schwartz Photography

Multi-Generational Photo

Maybe your grandma doesn’t want all eyes on her during your wedding. Instead, incorporate her in a special photo op. Gather all of your parents and grandparents, and have each pair hold up a photo from their own wedding day.

Grandparents special wedding photo
Photo: Snappy Shots by Bev

Invite your grandma to get ready with you the morning of your wedding, and be sure to capture her first look at you in a wedding gown on camera.

Grandma and bride getting ready for wedding
Photo: Maria Vicencio

Grandma and bride emotional moment before wedding
Photo: Dreamlove Photography

Another frame-worthy idea is this multi-generational shot with your mom and grandma showing off your rings.

Grandma mom and bride showing off wedding rings
Photo: Joshua McCoy