Should You Have a Junior Bridesmaid?

Whether she's a little sister, future step-daughter, or close cousin, you want her standing with you on your big day. But, should she be a junior bridesmaid?

Junior Bridesmaid

Many brides who have a special girl in their lives between the ages of 8 to 15 may find themselves wondering how they can include her in the wedding.

This age range may be a bit too young to be a bridesmaid, but too old to be a flower girl — yet so many brides-to-be can’t imagine their wedding without her taking part in their big day.

Should she perform a reading? Get a special mention? One popular option is to assign her to be a junior bridesmaid, but there are some important things to consider before asking.

The request will most likely delight her, but she’ll need to understand the role — and if it’s important to you that she actually performs her junior bridesmaid duties, she’ll need to agree to those as well.

So what exactly does the job of junior bridesmaid entail, and should you have one?

Before the wedding, a junior bridesmaid can join in on the bridal activities such as dress fittings, the bridal shower, bridesmaids outings, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, getting-ready time, and so on. She can go to everything that the bridesmaids get to attend (except probably the bachelorette party). At any of these events that require planning, general assistance, or cleanup, a junior bridesmaid can make an excellent helper.

She will also get to walk down the aisle on the wedding day, in the processional with the bridesmaids. Or, you may consider asking her to carry your train (if you have one).

When it comes to her dress, she’ll wear one that is very similar to the bridesmaids’ dresses. Typically, junior bridesmaids wear the same color and material as the bridesmaids, but in a slightly different style. They also carry a bouquet that is a bit different from the bridesmaids as well, but still “matches” theirs.

Most junior bridesmaids stand up at the front with the bridesmaids, but some couples simply have them sit in the front row. Her name should definitely appear in the wedding program, however, and she should be included in some of the wedding portraits.

A junior bridesmaid is great for attending to small things on the wedding day, such as making sure the bride has everything she needs, helping to wrangle small children, assisting in seating guests, or distributing programs or favors.

Some Things to Consider Prior to Asking

Think about the girl you’re considering. Is she suited to help out with these duties, or will she become bored at the events? Would she enjoy being a junior bridesmaid, or is she kind of shy? Would she rather take part in the wedding in a different way?

Really consider if the girl in your life would actually make a good junior bridesmaid before asking her. If you think it might be expecting a bit too much, try to find a different way to include her in the big day. But if you think she’d be a great fit for this role, bring it up with her parents. If they agree, ask your girl and enjoy the wedding together!

– Tori Vardanyan is a wedding industry writer for Blush Banquet Hall, a wedding venue in Los Angeles, CA.

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