Q&A: An Interview With Bride-to-be Sabrina Bryan

 The beloved Cheetah Girls star talks her fairytale romance, fall 2018 wedding and more. 

While we love real weddings, there’s nothing that melts our hearts more than celebrity nuptials. The latest famous face getting ready to tie the knot? The Cheetah Girl’s very own Sabrina Bryan!

When she isn’t choreographing for young kids or still working in front of the camera, the Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) alumnus has eagerly been planning her Oct. 6 wedding with fiancé Jordan Lundberg. In honor of her upcoming ceremony, we sat down with the 33-year-old to get the low down on her love story and big day details.

Q. How did you meet your fiancé?

A. He works in sales, so we met through a mutual friend who was one of his colleagues. We hit it off right away and basically never stopped hanging out.

Q. How long did you date before you got engaged?

A. We dated for about five and a half years. He was so romantic and really different than anyone I’d ever met, so I was ready to get married after a year and half of being together.  But he was just waiting for the right time.

Q. How did he propose?

A. Jordan’s sister got married last August in Ireland. I think he knew I was expecting my own proposal around that time, so he waited until our last day there. It happened while we were taking family photos. I really was just so shocked, and that's exactly what he wanted.

Q. Tell us about your venue. How did you choose it?

A. We're getting married at Wayne Newton's Casa De Shenandoah in Las Vegas. I originally visited it when Wayne and I were on DWTS together. Years later, Jordan and I went to the opening and thought, “Wow, this would be such an epic location for our wedding.” It’s just now becoming a wedding venue; I’m so excited to be one of the first brides out there.

Q. Are you using a wedding planner?

A. I’m working with Elle and Jay Events. For a bride with a budget, they’ve been beyond helpful and in tune with what my vision is. 

Q. Do you have a theme picked out?

A. Romantic glamour. I’m going simple with florals and big with chandeliers, crystals and lighting.

Q. So, what about THE dress?

A. I know I want it to be Hayley Paige. Any dress of hers I would be 100% happy with.

As far as style, I’m thinking about something very similar to what my mom had in the 70s — more conservative with lace arms. While my mom’s dress definitely wouldn’t fit me, I’m hoping to incorporate at least some part of it into my gown, even if it's just the lining.

 Note: The day after we spoke with the star, she filmed her upcoming episode of Say Yes to the Dress. Although no air date has been released yet, we’re hoping to get an on-screen look at her final Hayley Paige pick before the big day.

Q. How many guests do you plan to have at the ceremony?

A. We’re currently looking at 200. I love a ceremony that's big but not too big and intimate while still having everyone you want there.

Q. Will any Cheetah Girls to be in attendance?

A. I was Kiely Williams' maid of honor two Decembers ago, and she will be my co-matron of honor in the fall.  

Q. Do you have any big dance numbers planned?

A. Lots of my friends are big dancers, so it's going to be wild on the dance floor. Hopefully, we'll get a special dance from a DWTS alumnus. I wasn’t thinking of performing at my wedding, but it sounds like everyone else is!

Q. Are there any personal touches you’ll be adding to your wedding? 

A. I was once wedding planning for a girlfriend of mine, and she had us dripping candle wax around wine bottles the day of. That was technically my first date with Jordan — sitting together doing that. So for table decor, we’re doing gold-painted wine bottles with candlesticks in them. That will be an inside thing for us.

For our entrance, we’re going to rent an old-fashioned car and have a little Mercedes come in ahead of us with two 10-month-old twins inside. My dogs, Emily and Rocky, will enter in a dress and tuxedo. And as my gift to Jordan, we’ll also be having a whiskey tasting and cigar rolling area.


Good night kisses from me and my fur babies!!! Xo

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Q. You mentioned working within a budget for your wedding. Do you have any money-saving tips for our brides?

A. See what your venue has to offer and use it to your advantage to cut costs. For me, it was flowers. The ranch already has a lot of greenery, so once I took that into account, I realized I didn't need tons of floral arrangements.

Q. What has been your biggest takeaway from the whole process for far?

A. From the beginning, you should pick the top three things that are most important to you. My first was a wedding planner. I get too crafty, so I knew I needed someone to hone me in. Jordan and I also wanted to have an open bar so no one would have to worry about bringing money. And lastly, we prioritized a photographer and videographer. Once you pick those top three, everything else will kind of lean into them.

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—Sam Peters