The Biggest Mistakes Newly-Engaged Couples Make

Your engagement is the first step towards planning a beautiful wedding. Enjoy the journey by avoiding these common newly-engaged couple blunders.

13. Crash Dieting

Many brides dream of dropping a few dress sizes before their wedding, but nutrition counselor Kara Beutel of One By One Nutrition advises brides to focus on a long term, sustainable diet plan that combines healthy eating with appropriate exercise. “Think of your wedding day as the beginning, not an end point," she says. "Small changes to eating habits that are manageable (read: that don't make you miserable!) will help you to fit into your dress and start a healthier lifestyle that you can enjoy with your soon-to-be spouse.” 

14. Skipping the Premarital Counseling 

With secular weddings becoming more and more common, it’s easy for couples to jump right without seriously considering the full implications of marriage. As former Philadelphia bride Katie Budris recalls, “My ex-husband and I intended to do premarital counseling, but after a few attempts, we gave up. We never talked about handling our finances, having kids, reconciling our different styles of argument, or our expectations for physical intimacy. These things lead to our divorce in less than three years.”

15. Stressing Over “Your Song”

One of the first things newly-engaged couples tend to worry about is their first dance. But ballroom dance instructor Colleen Cheong of Society Hill Dance Academy advises her custom-conscious couples to relax. “Oftentimes, couples are afraid to pick a song that has meaning to them or are overwhelmed with the process of choosing a song. If you have a song that is special to you, we can always find a dance to match. And if you aren’t committed to a particular song, consider trying a few classes and discovering a dance form you enjoy together instead.” 

bride and groom first dance
Photo Credit: Avi Lauren Fox

16. Over-thinking the Details

“Don’t sweat the small stuff,” advise Megan Smith and Brianne Sheahan of Pen Ryn Estate. “Pick a color scheme early on, and let the ideas flow over the months. For example, start with the napkin color and then work up to the larger details: centerpieces, table linens, chargers, uplighting, etc. Make a checklist and look for things while you’re out and about, rather than taking the whole family to Home Goods in one day. That will make you crazy!” 

17. Keeping it to Yourselves 

While you may want to wait a few days to announce your engagement on social media, Philadelphia newlyweds Adam and Rebecca Gordon made sure to broadcast their news whenever they went out. “I told everyone,” the bride recalled. “We would go out for dinner, and I would mention that we just got engaged, and people would comp us drinks or desserts— it was awesome. I highly recommend spreading the news, and since I waited 7.5 years for my husband to even ask the question, I wasn’t one to be shy.”