Fun Ideas for Your Something Old, Borrowed, and Blue

The wedding tradition of carrying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe" originated in the Victorian era. Since sixpence isn't a currency in the U.S., and plenty of wedding items can count as your "something new," many modern brides focus their attention on the other three criteria. Check out some sentimental and stylish ways to incorporate good-luck tokens into your bridal ensemble!

Quotes submitted by BG's Instagram and Facebook Community:

"I asked all of the motherly figures in my life to surprise me. My 'something old' will be from my mom, my 'something new' will be from my soon-to-be mother-in-law, my 'something borrowed' will be from my stepmom, and my 'something blue' will be from my grandma; all women I love and admire. I gave them the parameters of no rings or necklaces, since I already picked those out. Other than that, I told them to pick something I can wear, tie onto my bouquet, sew into my dress, etc. I can't wait to see what they come up with!" —@curq

"I wore Something Blue Perfume by Oscar De La Renta, and my fiancé also gifted me a Tacori necklace with a blue topaz stone on our big day. My 'something old' and 'borrowed' was two little pins my grandpa gave to my grandma for their wedding." —@andreamc527

"My 'something blue' is our color, cobalt blue, and I'm stitching the date on the inside of my dress with blue thread. Our 'something old' and 'borrowed' is my grandpa's pocket watch from my mom. I'm attaching it to my bouquet as a way to carry my grandpa with me." —@supermansnurse

something blue wedding
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"I had a little blue bow on my gorgeous La Gartier garter! My 'something old' was my husband's baby bonnet that he wore during his baptism. I wrapped it around the stems of my bouquet." —@tanyawaynehoutz

"At my 1997 wedding, I wore my hubby's aunt's pale blue garter from her wedding in 1955. It has been worn by every bride in our family since then. She also gave me a lucky penny from 1997 for my shoe that I still have." — @heatherlessiter

sixpence wedding
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"My 'something blue' is our names and wedding date embroidered on the inside of my dress, over my heart. My 'something old' and 'something borrowed' is my grandmother's wedding band, which now belongs to my mom (it will be sewn onto the inside of my dress, too). Luckily, my mom is a dressmaker and is making my dress — something new!" —@sarahwood_86

"I made my bouquet out of jewelry and added blue gems to it. I borrowed my sister-in-law's veil. I wrapped my granddad's old rosary around my hands and bouquet." —@garter_toss

"My mom is my 'something blue!' She's walking me down the aisle wearing a blue dress." —@jaz.mine__

"I wore blue Steve Madden heels at my wedding." —@rachellemanning

blue wedding shoes
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"My 'something old' is a fan from Spain that my mom used as her bouquet on her wedding day. I'm adding a handful of peonies to it to make it my own." —@mdav82

"For my 'something old,' I'm having earrings made out of two diamonds from a ring that belonged to my late grandmother." —@abstarkey12

My 'something old' is a ladybug brooch that my grandma wore every day before she passed away. I'm going to pin it to my bouquet. I might also have a little ladybug embroidered on the inside of my dress, too." —@amanda.driscoll.10

ladybug brooch
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"I'm using a set of pearls my mom received from her great aunt as my 'something old.' My 'something blue' is my garter, and my dress is 'something new.''" —@terbear1223

"My 'something borrowed' is my sister's pearl bracelet that she wore to her wedding a few years ago. My 'something old' and 'blue' just came in the mail yesterday. I bought plain gold shoes, so I jazzed them up with blue vintage clip-on earrings from Etsy. Now I have a unique pair!" —@candice.thompson.14

"My mother-in-law's veil was my 'something old.' It's cathedral length with floral appliqués. It's absolutely beautiful!" —@adidob"

"My 'something old' is a 1920's silk net veil that my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother all wore on their wedding days." —@mtd946