How to Accommodate for New Parents at Your Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding and have friends or family who have recently had children, there are several steps you can take to ensure your wedding is more accessible and enjoyable for them. We asked top wedding experts for their advice on accommodating new parents at your wedding. Here’s what they had to say.

bridesmaids and babies
Photo: Pharris Photos + Films

"One way that a couple can be considerate of new parents at the wedding would be to make sure there is a private place for new moms to pump in peace! It can be a worrisome thing for new moms to figure out where they may be able to take care of this, and reaching out and letting her know that you've thought about her new circumstances and have a plan in place is a very thoughtful consideration!" —Kristy Diana, LOLA Event Productions

"When creating your seating chart, seat parents bringing children together! Babies love watching other babies and will be much more easily entertained when they have another baby to watch. Plus, your new parent guests will certainly feel good company around other parents." —Nora Sheils, Rock Paper Coin, Bridal Bliss

"Poll your new parent guests to find out what their main concerns are. You can discuss the concerns with your planner to see what kind of creative and effective measures you can take to appeal to each of your guests enjoying the gift of parenthood." —Sarah Chianese, Mangia and Enjoy!

"We often see a new mom or dad in the wedding party. Couples should remember that most of these new parents are going on little to no sleep. The night before might have been great or terrible for sleep. Remember that if mom or dad is not jumping up and down to party, often they might not be drinking yet either. Some parents definitely appreciate the chance to leave the baby and get away for a night, but for many parents and newer babies, that isn't always possible." —Sarah Olson, CityLux Studios

"If the young guest is eating solid food, make a plan with their parents about what they would like, if anything, from the catering team. It can be helpful to provide a small activity bag for younger children. Dollar-store items are priceless to kids simply because they are something new. You can give tweens a disposable camera, and they will be thrilled and entertained — just be sure to show them how it works first." —Janice Carnevale, Bellwether Events

"Include some information for new parents in a FAQ or other information sent out about the wedding. Additionally, consider connecting several people in similar circumstances together so there can be information exchange for babysitting, cribs, etc." —Vijay Goel, Bite Catering Couture

"If you invite toddlers or children to the wedding, a saving grace is to hire babysitters on-site at the venue, where after the meal, the sitters can take the young ones inside somewhere safe, get the children into their PJs, and watch movies or play games together, complete with healthy snacks and beverages for them to enjoy. You can even arrange individual mini wedding cakes for them to enjoy so they feel part of the wedding celebration. It's essential to have enough babysitters, with them having an information card filled out before the wedding, advising them of any vital information such as the child's food allergies, restrictions, concerns, and such, so they can manage to watch the children without needing to disturb the parents. Of course, the cell numbers of the parents should be on the card, as well, in the event of any emergency. Having the babysitter allows the children to have a fun getaway while the parents enjoy 'adult' time without concern about the whereabouts and safety of their children." —Sarah Chianese, Mangia and Enjoy!

"Couples should avoid seating young children directly next to the band or DJ. Small children have sensitive hearing; very loud music can be painful to their ears and could also be overstimulating for them, so seat any attending children as far from the music as possible. Wait for staff to be alerted as to what table(s) the children will be seated at so booster seats or high chairs can be added to the tables if needed." —Kelley Nudo, Momental Designs

Whether through a new marriage or newborn children, a growing family is always worthy of celebration. With proper planning and communication, you can create a welcoming atmosphere for all of your loved ones to thrive — even the littlest ones.