October 10th

Photo Credit: bobbi + mike via The Bridal Detective

Tip of the Day: Providing shuttles for your guests? Make sure that you have enough vehicles to move everyone in the most efficient way possible. Allot twice the amount of time that it would normally take to travel between locations, as guests need to board and de-board the vehicles and shuttles don't move as quickly as you would if you were driving!

"A 15-minute round trip may not seem like a lot in theory, but in practice, that's a very long time for guests to wait for the next shuttle. Think about what happens when you go to a restaurant and the server doesn't come over right away to offer you water and check in with you — and that's sometimes just a 2-3 minute wait. That's the same impression lagging transportation leaves on your guests," says Gina from Shi Shi Events.

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