25+ Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Memories

They say that once all is said and done, all that you have from your wedding day are your photos (and your memories). But that's not the case with these special keepsakes, which help you to preserve your gown, bouquet, stationery, and more.

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Wedding Dress Jewelry

    Wedding Dress Jewelry

    Wear your wedding dress every day with this subtle necklace design. Simply cut a small piece of lace from your gown, and enclose it in a pendant. 

  • Wedding Dress Teddy Bear

    Wedding Dress Teddy Bear

    Transform your wedding gown into beautiful keepsake teddy bears, like this one by Bowman Bears, that can be passed down to your children. 

    Photo Credit: Bowman Bears

  • Wedding Bouquet Necklace

    Wedding Bouquet Necklace

    Encapsulate your favorite wedding flowers in a resin pendant necklace by Lost Forest.

    Photo courtesy of Lost Forest

  • Framed Wedding Gown

    Framed Wedding Gown

    Typically, preserving your wedding gown means it's going to sit in a box in your closet for the next few decades until you pull it out and see if your daughter wants to wear it on her own wedding day. Instead, why not put it on display in your closet? You'll get a little thrill every time you see it, while still keeping it in tip-top shape in case your daughter actually does want to wear it.

    Photo courtesy of Framing Center

  • Wedding Veil Picture

    Wedding Veil Picture

    Use your veil to transform your favorite wedding photo into an ethereal piece of art.

    Photo via Pinterest

  • Wedding Card Collage

    Wedding Card Collage

    If you don't mind cutting up your wedding cards, you can create a truly unique piece of art to display in your home. Punch out your favorite designs and messages, and glue them onto a piece of paper to be framed. 

    Photo courtesy of Something Turquoise

  • Meaningful Favors

    Meaningful Favors

    Potted plants as wedding favors are the gifts that keep on giving. You'll be reminded of your wedding day whenever you visit one of your guests and see the plant blooming! And don't forget to take home a few for yourself.

  • Wedding Cake Ornament

    Wedding Cake Ornament

    Your wedding cake will likely be a focal point of your reception room, but photos just can't capture all of the beautiful intricacies of the design. Aberrant Ornaments can create a miniature clay replica of your confection that'll last forever! 

    Photo courtesy of Aberrant Ornaments

  • First Cork

    First Cork

    Save the cork from your champagne toast! Display it in a shadow box with this cute printable from Something Turquoise.

    Photo courtesy of Something Turquoise

  • Honeymoon Sand Jar

    Honeymoon Sand Jar

    Don't forget to preserve those honeymoon memories as well! This idea also starts a fun tradition — save some sand from every trip you take together, starting with your honeymoon. Add it to a glass jar, and label each layer with where the sand came from and when.

    Photo courtesy of House of Wentworth

  • Wedding Bouquet Ornament

    Wedding Bouquet Ornament

    You can also hang your wedding flowers on your Christmas tree. After drying a few of your favorite flowers, simply insert them into a clear glass ball. 

    Photo courtesy of Diary of a Mad Crafter

  • Wedding Invitation Ornament

    Wedding Invitation Ornament

    Decorate your Christmas tree with your wedding invitation with this creative (and easy!) DIY project

    Photo Credit: Something Turquoise

  • Ring Box

    Ring Box

    Carry your rings in a special box during your ceremony; then use that same box to hold your rings after the wedding. You'll be reminded of your vows and promises to each other every time you open the box.

  • Custom Painting

    Custom Painting

    Commission an artist to paint a one-of-a-kind piece of art to display in your home after the wedding. Consider hiring the artist for your ceremony to paint the moment when you become husband and wife, or for the reception to capture you and your guests as you dance the night away.

    Photo Credit: The Schultzes via Wed on Canvas

  • Personalized Newspaper

    Personalized Newspaper

    After the wedding, when your memories are still fresh, write down your wedding story — how you felt, how the day progressed, the little moments that your photographer may not have captured, the sweet and silly memories you hope you'll never forget. Print it newspaper-style for a one-of-a-kind memento you'll love to revisit.

    Photo Credit: Carrie Wildes

  • Wedding Card Album

    Wedding Card Album

    Wedding cards are so beautiful and tend to be filled with special messages from your loved ones. Instead of shoving them in a drawer, never to be seen again, turn them into a mini album and revisit those messages whenever you want.

    Photo courtesy of Something Turquoise

  • Wedding Dress Jewelry

    Wedding Dress Jewelry

    Transform the lace from your wedding dress into a gold cuff! Jewelry designer Monika Knutsson will dip a piece into 24k gold or sterling silver, turning it into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

    Photo courtesy of Monika Knutsson

  • Time Capsule

    Time Capsule

    During your ceremony, create a time capsule filled with some of your wedding mementos — your invitation, ceremony program, and any other paper goods you want to save — along with letters describing how each of you feel on your wedding day and your hopes and dreams for the future. Seal it and open it on your 10th anniversary!

    Photo Credit: Love Me Do Photography

  • Wedding Bouquet Tray

    Wedding Bouquet Tray

    You'll be reminded of your gorgeous wedding bouquet every time you use this custom tray created from the petals of your favorite flowers.

    Photo courtesy of Say Yes

  • First Dance Lyrics

    First Dance Lyrics

    Make a photo of your first dance even more special by having the lyrics of your first dance song overlaid on it.

    Photo Credit: Studio Jones/Etsy

  • Wedding Bouquet Bracelet

    Wedding Bouquet Bracelet

    Individual flower petals coated in resin create beautiful beads that match your wedding color palette.

  • Wedding Dress Jewelry

    Wedding Dress Jewelry

    You can also create one-of-a-kind jewelry without cutting up your wedding dress — just remove a few buttons, which jeweler Monika Knutsson can turn into silver beads.

    Photo courtesy of Monika Knutsson

  • Wedding Bouquet Paperweight

    Wedding Bouquet Paperweight

    Turn your wedding flowers into useful household items, like paper weights or bookends. They'll look so pretty sitting on your shelf!

  • Wedding Dress into Christening Dress

    Wedding Dress into Christening Dress

    Re-make your wedding dress into a special baptism gown for your first child. Or simply let your daughter play dress-up in it — the pictures will be priceless.

  • Honeymoon Sand Ring

    Honeymoon Sand Ring

    You can also wear a little piece of your honeymoon with a custom ring by Dune Jewelry.

    Photo courtesy of Dune Jewelry

  • Wedding Bouquet Monogram

    Wedding Bouquet Monogram

    Rearrange your bouquet into a monogram, displayed in a shadowbox.

    Photo courtesy of Keepsake Florals

  • Wedding Bouquet Candle

    Wedding Bouquet Candle

    Enclose your favorite wedding flowers in an everlasting candle — the decorative shell of this candle by DFI Designs will not melt as you burn the candle.

    Photo courtesy of DFI Designs

  • Wedding Bouquet Painting

    Wedding Bouquet Painting

    Not a fan of dried flowers? Turn your bouquet into a work of art by commissioning an artist to paint a replica, like this one by Erica Eriksdotter of Studio Eriksdotter.

    Photo courtesy of Studio Eriksdotter

  • Wedding Dress Quilt

    Wedding Dress Quilt

    Show off your wedding gown every day with a quilt from Mary Manson Quilts, made entirely out of your gown. You can also have a matching pillow made if there's enough fabric!

    Photo courtesy of Mary Manson Quilts

25+ Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Memories

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