10 Items to Have On-Hand for Your Big Day

From fashion tape to deodorant wipes, these life-saving products will ensure you don’t sweat the small stuff!

1. Levears, $25

These stainless steel supportive earring backs do-away with unwanted earlobe droop. Ensure your earrings are in tip-top position and looking their best for your big day. Earring Support


2. Listerine Ready! Tabs, $12 for Pack of 3

Kissing long lost relatives and meeting some people for the first time, fresh breath is a must! These pack a punch in a short amount of time. Fresh Breath for Your Big Day


  1. 3. Set, Ready, Go! Ultimate Wedding Garment Bag, $60

Organization is key. When you’re running from hair and makeup to take your photos, knowing where you put everything is one way to guarantee piece-of-mind. This garment bag has a place for everything – including an internal slot for your veil!

Bridal Garment Bag

  1. 4. MiniEmergency Kit for Bridesmaids, $18

Featuring everything from floss to clear nail polish, this little kit is a life-saver.

Mini Emergency Kit

    1. 5. Talaria Premium Folding Flats, $42

    From your first dance to doing the Cupid Shuffle with your girls, these will definitely come in handy. Bonus: the foldability makes them easy to pack!

Comfortable Wedding Flats

    1. 6. Pacifica Deodorant Wipes in Rose Water, $9

    From nerves to the climate, it never hurts to have some back-up deodorant. These wipes are not only rose water-scented, but they also leave no residue.


Deodorant Wipes

    1. 7. Arbonne Dissolve the Day Facial Cleansing Cloths, $24

    Put your bride tribe on makeup duty – having someone carry makeup remover to help wipe away any smudged lipstick or eyeliner.

    Makeup Remover for Your Wedding

    1. 8. Too Faced Mascara Melt Off, $17

    Sometimes even the best waterproof mascaras can smudge from some major happy tears – but not to worry. This mascara remover helps keep eyes looking clean and picture-perfect all ceremony and reception-long.

  Mascara Remover

    1. 9. EOS Organic Lip Balm Stick, $8

    A mixture of kissing loved-ones, talking, and smiling a ton can all add to some painful chapped lips by the end of your wedding festivities. Reach for a moisturizing lip balm like this one by EOS to ensure your perfect pout stays hydrated.


    1. 10. Stylin’ Double Sided Tape, $10

    Sometimes, wardrobe malfunctions happen, especially when you’re one to rock out on the dancefloor with your newly-minted partner. Add some fashion tape to your list of must-haves.

Fashion Tape