7 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Tips on how to make your event extra special and totally you!

  1. When sending your invitation packet, consider adding in a small card that details the story of how you met. Since many of your guests may not actually know this, it is a great way to share your adventure and let everyone in on the love you share -- making your wedding more special right from the start.
  2. The menu is an easy area to infuse some real personality. Consider serving a dish from a favorite country that you visited, a traditional family meal or perhaps a course or two inspired by the dishes you shared on your first date. This is also a great place to have fun. If everyone knows you love cookies, set up a cookie bar and serve each guest a glass of milk!
  3. Think beyond a stretch limo. There are so many more getaway options than that. Consider this a unique way to add your own personality and flair. Are you near the water? Take a boat! Are you in the middle of the country? Jump in a gorgeous horse-drawn carriage. Are you an antique-car-kind-of couple? A sports-car duo? Or one that would be better suited to a classic city taxi or old-fashioned trolly? Let this element tell part of your story!
  4. Include special family heirlooms (and therefore those family members) into your wedding, like adorning your bouquet handle with a treasured necklace, embellishing the ring pillow with an antique brooch, sending your ring bearer down the aisle with heirloom cufflinks or working in a keepsake purse or basket by filling it with petals for the flower girl!
  5. Pictures really do speak a thousand words, so why not add them wherever possible? Place photos (in frames that coordinate with your decor, of course!) on the tables of your cocktail hour where they can serve as conversation starters, on the escort table where they can greet your guests or even on the top of the cake in a stunning mini frame which can be kept forever!
  6. Your gown will be in more pictures than your décor, so make sure that your dress and his tuxedo are reflective of your personalities. Perhaps your attire could be inspired by a particular era that you both love or maybe you could add a dash of a special color to your outfits.
  7. Any good celebration should appeal to all senses. Customize your wedding soundtrack by adding in music that has meaning. Consider genre, era and even language to add some flavor when choosing some key songs.