Biggest Bridesmaid Dilemmas: Solved!

How to handle sticky situations with grace, including what to do when you can't afford to buy the dress that the bride wants, you're the only bridesmaid who isn't close with the rest of the girls, and more.

Dilemma: The bride is so preoccupied with the wedding that she never asks you what's going on in your life. If you start to tell her about a problem you're having or a great thing that happened at work, she just starts talking about her day again.

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Problem Solved:

If the bride is stressed about the wedding plans, or she's in the blissed-out early phase, that topic owns 99.9% of her brain right now. In the vast majority of cases, brides aren’t even aware that they’re doing this!

Smile and say: "Okay, you are so lost in wedding world right now! I've noticed that you're not really listening to the things I'm telling you lately, which is understandable, what with everything going on, but I miss talking with you about both of our real-world stuff!" 

This should make the bride realize that she's been too "all about me" not just with you, but probably with other people, too. She'll appreciate your tone of understanding.

Don’t be surprised if the bride snaps back into self-mode occasionally. The wedding is on her mind, and when someone is laser-focused on something, this is what happens. Just nudge her back to being "Her," and keep your relationship strong and close.

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