Ultimate Bridesmaid's Guide From A to Z

Get expert advice, tips, and trends to survive your bridal party duties and come out smiling.


thank yous


T is for THANK YOU'S: Send out thank-you notes to anyone who helped with your tasks, no matter how small, such as your boyfriend’s mother who suggested a great craft shop or the florist who made lovely centerpieces for the shower.


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U is for UNDERGARMENTS: A great bra will make your dress look amazing, and a sensational slimmer can take pounds off ASAP. Invest in top-tier undies to feel fabulous in your wedding day outfit, as well as your rehearsal dinner dress.



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photo frame



V is for VIDEO SHOWERS: If some of the bride’s closest friends can’t travel in for the shower, ask them to send you video greetings to play for the bride during or after the party. It’s also a trend to create a slideshow in a digital photo frame, featuring photos of the bride from various stages of her life. For example, as a little girl in her dance recital costumes or softball uniform, and later on in her bikini at Spring Break.


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white dress



W is for WHITE MAIDS' DRESSES: White bridesmaids’ dresses are all the rage right now thanks to the Kardashian clan and a little event known as The Royal Wedding of the Decade. Keep the silhouette simple so that the bride’s all-white dress stands out.


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X is for XTRA STOCKINGS: Bring two or three pairs, especially if you wear an engagement ring that can snag your stockings while you’re dressing.


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Y is for YOUR NETWORK: It’s a smart way to save lots of money on those pricey bridal shower or bachelorette party plans when you know someone who can lend tables and chairs, a sound system, or their friends and family discount at a bakery for a cake. Hit up your social circle to get their vendor recommendations that will make the wedding a smashing success.


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Z is for ZEBRA STRIPE: Animal prints are all over the runway, so if the bride’s fashionista style would be perfect for your shower theme, décor, invites and other details, bring on the stripes! You can choose either classic black-and-white, or colored options if the bride is bold (such as red-and-orange, purple-and-white or orange-and-yellow).


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