Top 5 Best On-Screen Bridesmaids

These movie characters are a girl's best friends when it comes to walking down the aisle.

We love our movie brides—from Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride to Kimberly Williams-Paisley in Father of the Bride. But what about the best on-screen bridesmaid of all time?

She needs to be stylish and supportive, able to give a death look to a dirtbag groom (think Kristin Davis’ dagger glare at Mr. Big in the Sex and the City movie) and sometimes save the wedding... or at least the bride’s veil.

Here are my top 5 bridesmaids from the big screen:

5. Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses
This fab movie bridesmaid put aside any envy, and was there for her friend every time (all 26 of them). Plus, I loved was how her character, Jane, was enthusiastic and fun at every wedding she attended.

4. Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic
Becky Bloomwood makes even that flamenco-style dress look good! Yes, you might argue with me that she wasn’t exactly there for the bride, and she didn’t show much respect to the bridesmaid dress, but she made it through her personal crisis and was there for her best friend when it mattered most.

3. Ashley Greene in the Twilight series
I know the final movie in the series hasn't been released yet. But based on the book, we know that Alice becomes the best bridesmaid of all eternity, planning Bella and Edward’s wedding in amazing style, with a less-than-supportive "sister-in-law" dampening everyone’s mood.

2. Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles
Molly might have made it to the # 1 spot, but she blew off the reception to hang out with a guy. Okay, so it was Jake Ryan, but still...

1. Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda in Sex and the City
Are these the best bridesmaids in a movie ever? Abso-#%$^ing-lutely! They led the way by choosing their own dresses (in daring different colors), and when Carrie was in need, Charlotte and Miranda swept her away, while Samantha took care of things at the wedding location. Plus, Charlotte’s primal “No!” in Mr. Big's face when she and Carrie confronted him on the street is priceless.

So who would you want to include in your bridal party? Tell us who you would choose and why.


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